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[News] Copyrights/DMCA Abused; White House Rejects Copyrights

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Canada Post Plays Grinch in Takedown Fight

,----[ Quote ]
| Late last year, Canada Post and the Public Service Alliance of Canada became 
| embroiled in a heated strike action over sick pay benefits. In the midst of 
| the dispute, several PSAC members took direct aim at Canada Post CEO Moya 
| Greene, recording a short parody video titled "The Greench." The video, which 
| was posted on YouTube, adapted the well-known Dr. Seuss tune "You’re a Mean 
| One, Mr. Grinch" to criticize Greene and the company. While the creation of a 
| protest video is not particularly noteworthy, what followed soon after is.  
| Just as the video began to attract some attention, YouTube removed it after 
| receiving a complaint from Canada Post alleging that the video violated the 
| company’s copyright.          


A glimmer of hope from whitehouse.gov

,----[ Quote ]
| Politicians in general are not terribly tech-savvy, let alone conscious of 
| the most important intellectual freedom issues, but President Barack Obama 
| does have a reputation of being more aware than most of the new media and new 
| possibilities of the internet. The new US presidential website shows some 
| promise that indeed, we now have a US president who isn’t afraid of the 
| future.     



Chinese hack into White House network

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese hackers have penetrated the White House computer network on multiple
| occasions, and obtained e-mails between government officials, a senior US
| official told the Financial Times.



Expert: White House Negligent on E-Mail

,----[ Quote ]
| The White House e-mail troubles began in 2002 with a decision to upgrade
| electronic message capabilities and move from Lotus Notes to Microsoft
| Exchange.  
| Prior to launching Microsoft Exchange for e-mail, there should have been
| full-scale testing of an archiving system, e-mail experts said. In addition,
| both the existing archiving system and a new one should have run at the same
| time until the new system was fully proven.  

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