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[News] Analysis: Free Software Owns 18% of PBX Market

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Does open source control 18% of the PBX market?

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a reader survey and 150 phone calls, an analyst has concluded that 
| open source now has 18% of the PBX market, the vast majority of it Asterisk. 


Podcast: Fonality’s CEO On Asterisk, Open Source And IP PBXes

,----[ Quote ]
| In today’s episode, Fonality CEO Chris Lyman discusses Asterisk, open source, 
| the IP PBX market and Fonality’s partner strategy. More specifically, The VAR 
| Guy Live: Podcast covers the following five key topics…  
| They Are:
|    1. The big picture: Is Fonality really an open source company?
|    2. How are Fonality’s IP PBX products positioned?
|    3. Is Fonality a cloud or on-premise solution?
|    4. Channel partnerships, including deals with Dell and Tech Data
|    5. Fonality’s priorities for 2009



The maturing of the software PBX (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| Jose Luis Landivar Chavez, vice president of sales and marketiing for
| Elastix, discusses his company's appliance, which complements its GPL
| software PBX. Chavez talks about the overall PBX market, how open source is
| taking it over, and about the innovations that distinguish his company's
| solution from others.


Feature: How to build and customize your own PBX with Asterisk

,----[ Quote ]
| The intended purpose of this feature was to simplify a nice and lean
| sourcecode installation of Asterisk onto a pupular Ubuntu (or any other
| Linux) host system and to ease the new user or experimenter in wading into a
| huge pool of possibilities that are only limited by the imagination of the
| user. The door is open, just take your step through!


How is Open Source Affecting the IP-PBX Market?

,----[ Quote ]
| The corporate world has become increasingly comfortable with open
| source-based solutions for their PBX needs. This has also been bolstered by
| the ever-increasing use of other such solutions. For example, the Apache web
| server has long been accepted in the corporate world. Technologically-savvy
| customers can even build their own PBX using Asterisk-based bundles with
| simple-to-navigate GUIs.



Linux dominating VoIP devices?

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.


Asterisk Pioneer Calls for Innovative Open Source Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Building on the success of last year’s inaugural awards program, Digium,
| Inc., is once again inviting Asterisk developers, customers, and partners to
| submit their applications for consideration and to take part in the second
| annual Digium Innovation Awards.


SMEs to be offered cut-price Linux-based unified comms platform

,----[ Quote ]
| A Linux-based unified communications platform will be launched at next
| month's CeBIT show in Germany. The software-based beta solution will be
| available for firms to download from next month.


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of years ago you reiterated that IBM was Microsoft's biggest
| competitor and you said not just on the business side, but overall. If I ask
| you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?  
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.

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