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[News] Interview with Sun VP; Good Signs for Direction

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Open source: how Sun sees it

,----[ Quote ]
| Simon Phipps is a natural when it comes to speaking. The man has a good turn 
| of phrase, is skilled in the art of repartee, and can engage an audience very 
| well.  
| Sun's chief open source officer was one of three keynote speakers at the 
| recent Australian national Linux conference. 
| He spoke to iTWire soon after he had given his keynote. 


EnterpriseDB and Sun Reaping Benefits from Open Source Databases

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, yesterday Sun Micrososytems reported its quarterly financial 
| results, and there were strong signs that its open source initiatives are 
| beginning to gain traction, particularly on the MySQL front. In fact, Sun's 
| latest sales numbers for its MySQL division are making the $1 billion price 
| it paid for the open source database look like a good deal.    



Debian Founder Murdock Now Sun's Cloud Strategist

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian Linux founder and former OpenSolaris chief Ian Murdock is taking over
| the role of chief strategist for cloud computing at Sun Microsystems.
| The result of a restructuring at Sun last November has given Ian Murdock the
| new role of VP of Cloud Computing Strategy, which Murdock recently announced
| in a video interview with his former Sun colleague Barton George.


Sun Shares Jump After Sales, Earnings Top Estimates (Update3)

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems Inc., the fourth- largest maker of server computers, rose
| the most in eight years in Nasdaq trading after earnings topped analysts’
| estimates.


Open source puts a shine on Sun's quarter

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems is getting some love from Wall Street after its sales and
| earnings topped estimates, as detailed by Bloomberg. Software sales jumped 21
| percent year-over-year.


Sun 'can be biggest open source company'

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulf Michael Widenius, better known to open source folk as Monty, has a few
| things in common with Linux creator Linus Torvalds.


New Features in OpenOffice.org 3.1, an Early Look

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org 3.1 is 65 days away, and developers are finishing up more than
| 1000 issues targeted for this Microsoft-Office-killer packing an army of new
| features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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