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Re: Asus EeePC mini desktop PC

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____/ Terry Porter on Friday 30 January 2009 22:54 : \____

> I saw one of these at the local Linux User Group this week for the first
> time.
> This unit is just a small square plastic box with external connectors for a
> monitor, keyboard etc and has a internal hard drive for Microsoft slow-ware
> XP.
> When switched on, it boots embedded Linux to a desktop in 8 seconds, where
> one chooses the mode desired, such as browser, in which case FireFox boots
> a few seconds later.
> The screen is nice and clean and functional, WiFi works nicely etc.
> So now there is another form factor, the Asus mini desktop pc, with Linux in
> firmware and XP on hard disk.
> I can see Asus will probably sell millions of these units as well as EeePCs,
> and the deserve to, for being so innovative.
> America used to be the innovators, and personally I love buying American
> products (I have just taken delivery of a brand new Cannondale Rush 4
> mountain bike in white, and it's so *sweet*!. This is a pic of exactly the
> same unit as mine: http://test.portertech.org/cannondale-rush-4.jpg).
> However outstanding American innovative electronic or computer devices are
> getting harder to find.
> Frankly I'd have loved to buy a Dell or HP netbook with Linux, but as they
> are just followers in that field, and Asus is the originator, I have Asus
> netbooks instead.
> What's wrong America, have you let Microsoft hold you back for too long ?

You gaze at the shadow. It's not Americans that reject it but the authorities
and middlemen that take forms of bribes/favours/incentives.

ASUS too has already admitted that it was "tied up" by Microsoft. It said this
in Laptop Magazine, IIRC.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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