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Re: twelve reasons why windows is better than linux ..

On 2009-01-30, Doug Mentohl <doug_mentohl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have listed some reasons why windows is better than linux for 
> non-techies based on my experience and the questions asked to me about 
> linux by non-techies ..
> http://snipurl.com/b09yq
> http://www.bablotech.com/2009/01/06/12-reasons-why-windows-is-better-than-linux-for-non-techies/

1) Which distro to use.

     What version of Windows do they need?

     This is no more of a problem for Linux than it is for Windows for
      the sort of end user that is helpless and prone to be troublesome.

2) Where to get linux.

     If a Windows user is not aware that they can get lots of cool
     software for free just by downloading it, then they are probably 
     one of those troublesome users I referenced in #1.

3) How to install Linux.

     That's certainly a barrier. Although it's a pretty minor one.
     This problem is nothing compared to how difficult it might be
     for such a user to re-install Windows again.

4) Configuring desktops and settings.

    Non-techies don't do a lot of this to begin with.

    Besides, the Windows UI is always changing. If you can't handle
    moving from one GUI to another then you are going to be in a bit
    of hurt the next time Microsoft decides to gratuitously change 

    That's why some of us still like the DOS box.

5) Installing Software.

    Yes. Linux has a "menu item" that does what it says. This is in stark
    contrast to Windows that has the same feature but it doesn't really
    deliver. It doesn't do what a naeive person might intuitive assume
    based on the name.

6) Installing drivers.

    What drivers? They're included.

    Some stuff might not be supported. This is a DIFFERENT issue.

7) Playing music files.

    This sort of thing is MUCH more seamless in Linux than Windows.
    Add video files into the mix and Windows is at a much larger

    This bit of FUD is outdated and belongs in a different decade.

8) Playing games.

    Yeah... IFF you are a PC gamer.

    OTOH, casual gamers can find plenty to distract themselves with
    just with the default installed desktop games.

9) Softwares availability.

     This puts the U in FUD. Yeah, there might be something that's
     not available but what? Will it matter to 99% of users. Will
     it matter to 1%?

     When you're not aware of, or comfortable with downloading and
     trying random stuff from the net this sort of issue sort of
     cancels itself out.

10) Difficult to get help.

      Well, if you are planning on using your friends as a crutch
      of course you have to go with what those people know. 

      Although some things are just about being "bright" enough to
      figure out something you've never worked with before. Plus,
      a little abstract understanding goes a long way. It's hard to
      know what shiny button to push when you don't understand what
      it's supposed to do.

      A cablemodem router is a good example of this problem.

11) Partitioning

      ANY partition table will be complete greek to the "where
      do I get it crowd". If you can deal with one then you can
      deal with any of them.

      Most users never touch this sort of thing (or need to).

12) Requires research.

      Good results on any platform requires this. Unless you are 
      always going to go to Doug whenever you want a CD burned, you 
      will need to be willing to put in some effort and learn something
      about what you're working with.

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