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[News] Google Pressures Microsoft Using Free Software/Open Source, Offline Mail

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Updates from Googlers Contributing to Open Source Projects

,----[ Quote ]
| You may recall some of our previous posts about Google employee contributions 
| to Open Source during their 20% time. While many engineers spend their 20% 
| time on releasing code created internally at Google, many more spend their 
| time contributing to external projects just to scratch their own itch. We're 
| pleased to bring you some updates about what our engineers have been doing 
| over the past few months:     
| For all you version control geeks out there, you'll be interested to know 
| that Ben Collins-Sussman has been working on rewriting Subversion's HTTP 
| protocol. While the rewrite will still be WebDAV compatible, he's busy 
| removing all of the DeltaV formalities that cause numerous extra requests. 
| Once complete, users should see much faster network traffic when speaking to 
| an Apache server. For more details, check out the write up on Ben's blog.     


Gmail Goes Offline

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine your Internet connection dropping out, but still being able to use 
| e-mail. 



Google I/O 2009, Developer Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm excited to announce Google I/O 2009, our two-day developer event that
| will take place May 27-28, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Last year,
| over 3,000 developers participated in I/O and they attended 90+ sessions
| across all of our developer products. This year, much of our content will
| feature Android, App Engine, Chrome, GWT, AJAX APIs and more.


Google conference does the robot

,----[ Quote ]
| Google announced several sessions on Android for its Google I/O 2009
| developer conference. Scheduled for May 28-29 at the Moscone Center in San
| Francisco, Google I/O will feature Android sessions on the UI toolkit, visual
| design, and supporting multiple devices with a single binary, says Google.

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