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[News] New Endorsements for Red Hat GNU/Linux and Its Clones

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S&P Endorses Linux, Raising Red Hat (RHT)

,----[ Quote ]
| You do not see too many upgrades in corporate credit ratings during this part 
| of the business cycle, let alone in technology and software.  But Red Hat, 
| Inc. (NYSE: RHT) was just raised by Standard & Poor's ratings today on the 
| corporate credit side.  You might even wonder if S&P is almost endorsing 
| Linux after all these years after you look through the notes.    


Vendor: Open Systems Help During Financial Crisis

,----[ Quote ]
| "Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program. It is not a distribution," 
| Boom explained. "Oracle Enterprise Linux, however, is another distribution. 
| It supports any enterprise Linux."  


"Bill Gates looks at everything as something that should be his. He acts in any
way he can to make it his. It can be an idea, market share, or a contract.
There is not an ounce of conscientiousness or compassion in him. The notion of
fairness means nothing to him. The only thing he understands is leverage."

                                --Philippe Kahn


Open Source 'Fundamentally Superior': Red Hat CEO James Whitehurst

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: Does your age bring any advantages or disadvantages to your work at Red
| Hat?
| A: It was a bigger deal at Delta. Red Hat is such a young company in such a
| young industry, that I almost feel like an old guy. This is certainly the
| first company I've worked for where I am above the average employee age.
| Q: What can come from the collaboration with IBM?
| A: We believe that open source will continue to take share away from
| proprietary alternatives, because it is a fundamentally superior development
| model. Open source develops better software faster and at a lower cost. Over
| time, this will pervade most areas of software.


Red Hat Fedora Claims It's the Leader in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution has now tallied its user base,
| and it's a number that on the surface would make it the largest installed
| base of any Linux distribution, with at least 9.5 million users and possibly
| as many as 10.5 million.


Red Hat bucks the trend

,----[ Quote ]
| At a time when most companies are happy if the balance sheet does not show
| any red ink, Red Hat Linux has bucked the trend. Its stock price leapt 32
| percent last week compared to that a year ago, during a week when technology
| stocks overall fell by 2.6 percent.
| According to information available at Channel Insider, the so-called mixed
| source company, Novell, saw its stock price fall by 11 percent, the biggest
| loser of the week.

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