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[News] GNU/Linux Receives Another Stamp of Approval (EAL3+)

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Cray and atsec Achieve CC Security Certification of Cray Linux Environment

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) and atsec information security announced today that 
| the Cray Linux Environment (CLE) has been certified by the National 
| Information Assurance Partnership's (NIAP) Common Criteria Evaluation and 
| Validation Scheme as conformant to EAL3+ (enhanced with Flaw Remediation 
| ALC_FLR.1). This evaluation took into consideration a number of new 
| functionalities: the Lustre network file system, Portals high-speed Remote 
| DMA and the application placement scheduler ALPS. The evaluation covers Cray 
| Linux Environment 2.1 running on the Cray XT4 and Cray XT5 computer systems.        



If they mated: Intel and Cray to conceive x86 Linux monster

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray will plug all of these components into its SeaStar interconnect fabric, 
| and when combined with Cray Linux they'll make for an HPC and floating-point 
| monster.  


Cray feeling super amid company turnaround

,----[ Quote ]
| Supercomputers may appear to be an ethereal realm, but they are important 
| bastions of futuristic research. They often portend new technologies. 
| For example, the Linux operating system was embraced early on by the 
| budget-constricted national laboratories, a signal to corporate IT managers 
| that the free operating system was OK to use. Some techniques developed in 
| massively parallel processing machines, where thousands of chips gang 
| together to share computing of big scientific problems, were adapted in the 
| development of multi-core chips for personal computers and network servers.      


Cray shows off new Linux supercomputers

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray first introduced a Linux supercomputer called Red Storm back in 2004. 
| However the announcement is significant, as it the first time that Cray has 
| introduced a family of supercomputers rather than stand-alone machines.  


Cray stretches Linux in supercomputer

,----[ Quote ]
| The day after Google announced a new initiative to pack Linux into mobile 
| handsets, supercomputer designer Cray is announcing a system it claims will 
| be its biggest computers to use the open source operating system.   


Cray Gets $250M From DARPA To Realize "Adaptive Supercomputing" Vision

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray, AMD and Linux just got a collective $250M boost in the arm from
| the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). 
| In one of the most watched procurements ever, Cray and IBM are
| splitting a huge $494M grant from DARPA, unprecedented in its size
| even if it is over four years, to develop the last leg of their
| rival next-generation supercomputers, and Cray is going to be
| building its uncommon machines out of AMD chips and the Linux
| operating system, expecting the giants to be used commercially
| as well as in the airy precincts of government research labs.


Cray XT4 Supercomputer Debuts With Petascale Capability

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray has announced the availability of its next-generation massively
| parallel processing (MPP) system, the Cray XT4? supercomputer...
| Separately, the service processors run a full Linux operating system.

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