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[News] Review of Ubuntu-based H-P Sub-notebook, Kubuntu on the ASUS Laptop

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HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition User Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition (Mini 1110NR) is a cool-looking, low-cost netbook 
| focused on easy Web access and entertainment. It uses the same design as the 
| Mini 1000, but runs the Mobile internet (Mi) software rather than Windows. 
| Mobile internet is an easy-to-use interface built on Linux, but is it enough 
| for most people to enjoy their e-mail, Internet, digital photos, music, and 
| video?     


Adventures In External Media With Kubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My new ASUS X83-VM laptop has a very capable, whisper-quiet 320 GB SATA 
| drive. For some jobs, like storing my photos, that disk simply isn't big 
| enough. It was time to look at external USB media options. Good thing the new 
| machine has five USB 2.0 ports.   
| After successfully installing Kubuntu (kernel version: 2.6.27-11-generic, 
| 64-bit), I searched all over for information about hooking up an external IDE 
| USB drive to recover data from the 2.5 inch disk out of my dead HP Pavilion 
| laptop. I also thought that a 500 GB Western Digital MyBook might work for 
| photo storage duty. Alas, I couldn't find diddly. There was much speculation, 
| but nothing saying "yes, these things work with Linux".      



HP's Mini 1000: Sometimes a Road Warrior Needs a Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Most netbooks don't have the horsepower to run Vista, thus the older
| operating system. Some come with the option to have a Linux distro as your
| out-of-the-box OS. The Mini 1000 doesn't offer that option, but another
| model, the Mini Mi, has similar tech specs plus a Linux OS that HP
| calls "Mobile Internet." HP's warning: The Linux command line interface is
| disabled on that edition.


Hands on with HP's Mini 2140 netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Luckily, HP also offers Windows XP and XP Professional on the Mini 2140, as
| well as SUSE Linux.


HP Updates Desktop Virtualization Software

,----[ Quote ]
| HP is also rebranding its desktop virtualization suite as the HP Virtual
| Client Essentials, and adding Linux support for its broker software, called
| Session Allocation Manager, which runs only on Windows today, HP said.


Irate e-mails reveal HP, Microsoft strife

,----[ Quote ]
| A surprise decision by Microsoft jeopardized its relationship with PC giant
| Hewlett-Packard a year before Windows Vista's release, according to internal
| e-mails unsealed late Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle. The messages,
| between top Microsoft and HP executives, shed new light on the
| behind-the-scenes turmoil that preceded the operating system's troubled
| debut.
| "You have demonstrated a complete lack of commitment to HP as a strategic
| partner and cost us a lot of money in the process," wrote HP executive
| Richard Walker in a January 2006 message to then-Microsoft Windows chief Jim
| Allchin. "Your credibility is severely damaged in my organization."


PC makers move closer to a post-Windows world


HP expands mini-notebook line in time for holidays

,----[ Quote ]
| HP is really going after "digital snackers" with a second model, the HP Mini
| 100 with MIE (Mobile Internet Experience). This model, available in January
| at a starting price of $379.99, does away with a traditional operating system
| in favor of an HP developed Linux platform that is designed for specific
| applications. You can get e-mail through a Thunderbird client, web browsing
| through a Mozilla-based browser and access to all your photos, videos and
| music.


HP revs netbooks: Attempts custom Linux OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Hewlett Packard on Wednesday rolled out a netbook lineup designed to play
| catch up with Dell, Asus and others. But the real interesting play here is
| HP’s move to develop a custom Linux operating system for one of its netbooks.


HP gets serious about Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| The HP MediaStyle interface is available on the Mini1000 MIE version, which
| comes with Linux rather than Windows XP like the other two models. MediaStyle
| sits on top of Linux and is a dashboard that takes users to music, IM,
| photos, videos, and the Web with one touchpad click, which HP says will
| shield users from ever having to interact with the open-source OS.


HP's 'End Run' Around Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| As Hewlett-Packard steps up efforts to make Microsoft's operating system
| easier to use, some want to devise a rival version with Linux
| [...]
| Others in HP's PC division are exploring the possibility of building an HP
| operating system for mainstream desktop and notebook computers based on the
| open-source Linux system, which competes with Windows, say people familiar
| with the company's plans. The goals may be to make HP less dependent on new
| releases of Windows, and to strengthen HP's hand against Apple (AAPL), which
| has gained market share with computers that boast innovative features and
| inspire a loyal following of users.


HP Works On Digital Photo Frame With Netbook Features

,----[ Quote ]
| HP is currently working on a new convergence device that aims to bring
| together the virtues of both the digital photo frame and netbook.

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