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Re: (Idiot Linux users) Microsoft shares hit an 11-year low

"Presidental Web server" <Presidential@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Terry Porter wrote:
>> One of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to Windows is that it does not
>> exist on the rise and fall of the sharemarket, because GNU/Linux doesnt
>> have shares, it's a community thing, powered by Freedom.
>> Linux will always be around, but I'm not so sure Microsoft will.
>> Microsoft shares hit an 11-year low of US$17.11 on Thursday, falling 12 
>> per
>> cent after disappointing financial results and the proposed lay-off of 
>> some
>> 5,000 employees.
>> Join the winning team, and get your Free GNU/Linux/Ubuntu LIVE CD at :-
>> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download
> What? Has this lunatic *clown* not seen the 50,000 jobs lost in the US 
> the other day from some of the biggest corporations in the US, and stocks 
> are falling like rain coming down?

It wasn't 50,000 jobs lost the other day. On Monday there were over 65,000 
job cuts announced - just that one day.

> Google is now starting to lay people off, which is just another sign of 
> the economic hell that's happening.

And so is IBM, TI, HP and pretty much everybody around the world. It's rare 
to see a company that's *NOT* cutting jobs.

> And this stupid ass post would mean something if it were posted else 
> where and not here, like go into some MS NG(s) and post it if he has any 
> guts whatsoever.

It's not only gutless but this guy is a complete idiot that basically helps 
paint Linux users in general as TOTAL MORONS.  How stupid does someone have 
to be to read about MS shares being down and not connect that to the 
economy. Every household in the country and most of the civilized world is 
aware of the *global* economic crises. Everybody has seen and knows what's 
going on with the economy.

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT wouldn't realize that practically every company stock 
is down and that most companies are laying off employees. Somehow it's only 
the dumbest of the dumb Linux idiots  like Roy Schestowitz, Terry the fairy 
Porter, High Plains Rafael and the other @ss clowns who are too stupid or 
blinded by zealotry to realize what everybody else already knows.

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