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[News] [Rival] Sub-notebooks Sell Well, GNU/Linux at High %

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35 million netbooks to ship this year?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly 35 million netbooks will ship this year, rising to 139 million in 
| 2013, predicts ABI Research. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is increasingly 
| reporting on the netbook trend, with a recent New York Times story noting 
| Linux's role in driving down prices and giving Microsoft fits.   
| Two major trends have catapulted netbooks to the fore, says ABI Research: new 
| low-cost, low-power, high-performance processors such as the Intel Atom (and 
| soon, ARM-based processors like Freescale's i.MX515), as well as a 
| realization that smartphones cannot currently meet all the needs of mobile 
| users. These and other "social and technological factors" have created 
| a "perfect storm" that will lead to a boom in the netbook market over the 
| next few years, says the research firm.      


Nothing but Netbook: Six Low-Priced, Fast-Selling Laptops

,----[ Quote ]
| The unit we looked at came with Windows XP, but you can also get it with a 
| Dell variant of Linux. 



Netbooks Open Linux Window at BETT

,----[ Quote ]
| On the same stand a large screen showed off the design appeal of the latest
| Ubuntu. This includes multiple windows rotating or rescaling. As this is
| better understood some Netbook users may return to Linux. Asustek Chairman
| Jonney Shih has predicted that about 60 percent of Eee PCs to be shipped in
| 2009 will have Windows XP.


Cheap PCs Weigh on Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| But most netbooks have less processing power than their full-featured cousins
| and can’t run high-spec versions of Windows, the world’s most widely used
| operating system. Microsoft is selling netbook makers cheaper, lighter
| versions of its operating system, but some manufacturers cut it out
| altogether by using Linux, an open-source OS. About 30% of netbooks, which
| sell for as little as $300, run a version of Linux.

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