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Re: Microsoft shares hit an 11-year low

On Jan 27, 8:12 am, Sinister Midget <fardblos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2009-01-27, Terry Porter <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> > One of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to Windows is that it does not
> > exist on the rise and fall of the sharemarket, because GNU/Linux doesnt
> > have shares, it's a community thing, powered by Freedom.
> > Linux will always be around, but I'm not so sure Microsoft will.
> That's right. What do you do if Windows disappears and your favorite
> apps no longer work?
> Abandonware happens a lot in the Windows world as it is.
> What about when the vendor goes down the dumper and your shiny new
> Windows Vista 7 ME needs to be reinstalled and reactivated because a
> virus (Windows-only, of course) ravages the machine, or the "OS"
> (Windows-only, of course) eats itself?  (Won't happen, right?  Enron is
> still with us, and Worldcom, too, so you may be corrr....  oh,
> wait....) Is someone going to pick up development and continue honoring
> the keycodes?  What do you plan on doing, use it until it expires,
> reinstall and use it again, over and over and over?  Get a cracked
> version from some shady place that has keyloggers and rootkits
> installed as well?
> I can't say I've ever seen a single application get dropped under
> Windows that someone else came along later and picked up to continue
> development.  Not once.  So what's the great "advantage" to using
> Windows-based apps?  You can't even continue using the old ones under
> new Windows versions for the most part because the Windows vendor plays
> tricks with the "OS" to deliberately make old things stop working.
> They do it with hardware, they do it with software.
> > Join the winning team, and get your Free GNU/Linux/Ubuntu LIVE CD at :-
> >http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download
> Or get any of dozens of others that may suit your liking athttp://distrowatch.com
> --
> VISTA: Very Idiotic Software Trashing Applications

Recently DFS had a post about abandoned FOSS projects.   I never heard
of any of them, but he was trying to bill it as a defect of open
source software.

In the proprietary world, not only do software projects get abandoned,
but so do software formats.  Pay to "upgrade" or lose access to your
data.  Unlike the FOSS world, it is to the economic advantage of
proprietary software providers to keep changing the formats (ie, for
no technical reasons, only for reasons of making you pay and pay).

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