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[News] iPhone Runs Linux, Android Phones Become Hackable, Multi-Touch-Enabled

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iPhone Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| The iPhone is certainly known for its elegance and beauty, but around these 
| parts it's also known for being closed and proprietary. The Open Source 
| community does a little cheer when we hear about jailbreaking the iPhone -- 
| but soon we'll have even more to party about. Led by planetbeing (a member of 
| the iPhone Dev Team), the project has successfully booted the 2.6 Linux 
| kernel on one of the little beasties. It's still very much in the early 
| stages, but now the forbidden fruit will be able to run Linux under its peel.      


Multi-Touch Running On Hacked Googlephone

,----[ Quote ]
| How does it work? Luke has patched the Linux kernel of the Android OS to 
| tweak the (Synaptics) touchpad driver. As this is a software only 
| modification, we assume that the abilities to sense multiple fingers are 
| built in to the hardware already.   


Sparsh: An open source multi-touch display

,----[ Quote ]
| A group of engineering students in India have come together to create a 
| multi-touch display that looks very similar to what Microsoft Surface can do. 
| The display is called Sparsh and can be see in action above.  
| There are some key differences to Surface, however. For one, this was created 
| by a group of students in just eight weeks. On top of that it is open source 
| meaning the technology can be developed and used by anyone suggesting a 
| potential competitor to Microsoft Surface is already viable.   


Multi-touch appears on G1 Android- proves value of open source



Android Diary I

,----[ Quote ]
| Around noon today, I picked up my unlocked Android G1 dev phone, and as of 
| now it’s my main phone, plus I’m trying to write an app for it. I suspect 
| that my experiences are going to be shared by quite a few people in the 
| not-too-distant future, so why not record them?   

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