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[News] Modifiable Devices Created with Linux

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IDEO goes open source with BUGbase project.

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever wonder what one of IDEO's legendary "deep dives" looks like from the 
| inside? The world-renowned innovation consultancy has gone open-source with 
| their latest project, and Core readers are invited to observe and contribute, 
| along with anyone else with an interest in design and prototyping.   



Linux-based gizmo construction kit gets extra bricks


The BUGS Are Worked Out

,----[ Quote ]
| While most tech gadget companies carefully guard their products from hackers,
| start-up Bug Labs is courting them.
| The company has just released a series of modules, known as the BUG, that
| snap together like electronic Legos to form an array of different gadgets,
| from GPS locators to motion detection cameras.
| It's DIY electronics.


Hardware Mash-ups and Bug Lab's Bug

,----[ Quote ]
| That sense of joyful wonder, playful construction and even sense of danger
| was resurrected both literally and metaphorically when I began exploring the
| learning potential of Bug Labs' BUG -- an open embedded Linux-based
| combination of a BUGbase and four BUGmodules.


Open-Source Gadget Maker Bug Labs Closes Third Funding Round

,----[ Quote ]
| NYC-based Bug Labs, which makes open-source mobile devices, has raised a
| third round of funding. Leading the round: Court Square Ventures. Existing
| investors Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital also participated. No
| financial terms disclosed, but Bug says it'll use the money to expand its
| marketing efforts, hire people, etc.


Bug Labs: It’s about open-sourcing hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| At the core of Bug Labs business model is a hardware appliance called
| the “Bug.” About the size of an iPhone, the Bugbase device is a fully
| featured Linux PC (IT Management) with ports that allow up to four modules to
| be fitted in place.

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