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[News] Linux Compatible with Very Ancient Servers

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Pleasant Linux Surprises

,----[ Quote ]
| It is still nice when I get an occasional pleasant surprise from Linux...
| We have quite a few old DEC/Compaq/HP AlphaServer systems sitting around 
| here, mostly just gathering dust or generating heat. Yesterday I decided to 
| try loading a current Linux distribution on one of them, an AlphaServer DS10.  



Elive rl2 -- Call it what you want Elive makes Enlightenment work

,----[ Quote ]
| So did Elive live up to the Art hype? Is it something worth your
| time and effort to get over a mediocre installation, or valuable
| partition space? I would have to say yes. Giving this a 5 Pennie 
| review wasn't difficult, if by the media capabilities and eye
| candy alone. This is by far one of the fastest packages around.
| If you have an older piece of hardware and want to impress people
| with an amazing Linux distro, then this is by far the best at doing
| just that. What amazes me the most is the hardware
| requirements/recommendations. Quoting again from their website:
| cloud Minimum Requeriments: The minimum hardware for run Elive is a
| 100 Mhz CPU machine and 64 MB of RAM, but the minimum recomended is
| 300 Mhz and 128 Mb of RAM, no special graphic card or 3d
| acceleration required.


Xubuntu Compiz Fusion VERY OLD computer / Better than Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer Specs:
| PIII 800 + 128 MB RAM + GeForce 2 MX/400 32 MB RAM
| Xubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon + Compiz-Fusion + Emerald.


SliTaz 1.0 on 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb

,----[ Quote ]
| This is easily my favorite live CD now. I admire DSL for being versatile and 
| fast, and I do like the way Puppy Linux has evolved. But it’s hard to beat a 
| pretty, usable, complete system that ducks under the 25Mb mark, and does it 
| so well. Fatter distributions (and I’m thinking of Xubuntu, et al., here) 
| would do well to notice how much can be done with so little.    


First look at SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0, the smallest desktop distro on earth

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't been this impressed with a new Linux distribution for a long time. 
| A compact package with basic applications, a web server and web development 
| tools, an excellent package manager, remastering utilities and good 
| auto-configuration scripts - all in a 25 MB download. What more can one need? 
| While SliTaz GNU/Linux is unlikely to satisfy every user's needs, the project 
| is a great testament to the old saying that good things come in a small 
| package. It is also a tribute to the infinite versatility of Linux and free 
| software. Give SliTaz a try, you will like it!       


A quick look over SliTaz 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom line? I liked SliTaz for its extremely low system requirements, 
| and I particularly liked the package manager.  


SliTaz GNU/Linux, the Smallest “Desktop” Distro Ever Created

,----[ Quote ]
| “At 25 MB, it has to be the smallest desktop distro ever created”. These were 
| the words of Ladislav Bodnar in the most recent issue of Distrowatch Weekly 
| when he announced this fresh and minuscule distribution as a new addition to 
| the waiting list. Its name is SliTaz, and I was so intrigued about it that I 
| tried it out.    
| [...]
| After having extensively used SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0, I can honestly say that 
| it is a highly capable distro with a bright future ahead. It is ideal for 
| rescuing a broken system, and even for full desktop usage especially when 
| employed on older computer machines since it is fast and ultra-lightweight. I 
| just hope that those minor bugs that I’ve encountered will be fixed by the 
| next release version. Despite those slight troubles, I’m keeping my SliTaz 
| GNU/Linux LiveCD just in case. DSL should watch out, because this new distro 
| on the block is surely here to stay.       

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