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[News] [Rival] IDGsoft: Things to Get Even Worse for Microsoft

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Frankly Speaking: For Microsoft, the pain is just beginning

,----[ Quote ]
| And Microsoft's stock? On Thursday, as Microsoft was announcing the layoffs, 
| one cable-TV reporter commented that MSFT has "gone nowhere for years." 
| Actually, the stock has lost nearly half its value over the past year.  
| So now, for the first time, Microsoft — like IBM 16 years ago — is resorting 
| to a major layoff. 
| It won't be enough, any more than a layoff was enough for IBM.
| Microsoft has been coasting for years on Windows and Office. Those have been 
| the cash cows that enabled the company to fumble its way through years of 
| halfhearted "innovation" and watered-down imitation. Microsoft has lost 
| ground (or never gained a footing) in search versus Google, music players 
| versus Apple, Web browsers versus Firefox.    
| Worse still, Microsoft has forgotten how to improve even those cash-cow 
| products. Office 2007 is a mess for usability. Vista is a disaster in almost 
| every way.  



Linux leader on Microsoft woes

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft today laid off 1,400 workers, with another 3,600 on the block
| within 18 months. We asked Linux Foundation Director Jim Zemlin what if any
| role Linux played in Microsoft's misfortunes, how Microsoft will react, and
| what it could mean for Linux and the open source community. Enjoy . . . !


,----[ Quote ]
| Client software felt the slump in PC sales, and was further harmed by the
| shift to netbooks; many of these run Linux, which helps Microsoft not at all.


,----[ Quote ]
| Search engines be da**ed, it's the OS that generates money - if the world
| switches to linux, it will switch to OpenOffice too.


,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, like much of the IT industry, was caught off-guard by the rapid
| rise of the netbook category, but moved quickly to offer a netbook-specific
| version of XP Home to stem the tide of Linux on netbooks. When one considers
| that getting some revenue is better than getting none, that was a wise move.


,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft can't charge $80 or $100 when there's Linux for free on netbooks,"
| Rosoff said. On regular PC sales, Microsoft's profit margins are typically
| about 70 percent to 80 percent, he explained.

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