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[News] More Open Source-centric Events and Release Announcements

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Operators return to Barcelona, (this time) armed with Open Source

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| 26 years after GSM was created to design a pan-European mobile technology, 
| Mobile World Congress number 13 is set to take place in Barcelona in 
| February. This time around, as they did when GSM World Congress was first 
| held in Madrid in 1995, mobile network operators will dominate the scene.    
| Next month, however, the topic of discussion will not be new network 
| deployments, or the latest traunch of jazzy new devices, or the next best 
| application. Rather, Open Source will be topic Number 1 on the operator 
| agenda in 2009. As changing operator strategies include the need for a 
| strategic terminal platform that they can influence, the tectonic plates that 
| once defined how a device was created and deployed are shifting and fueling 
| significant change in the value chain.      


Xorcom to Unveil Open Source IP-PBX Solutions at 2009 Digium Asterisk World

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| Aiming to showcase its cost-saving technologies at an increasingly popular 
| event, an Israel-based maker of open source software-based business telephony 
| products announced today that it’s participating in the 2009 Digium Asterisk 
| World at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo East.   
| Officials at Xorcom, a private manufacturer of Asterisk-based telephony 
| interfaces and appliances, say they’ll exhibit new PBX (News - Alert) 
| solutions and services at the ITEXPO, to be held Feb. 2 to 4 at the Miami 
| Beach Convention Center.   

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