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[News] European Intellectual Monopoly Laws Under Attack

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Google calls for UK copyright reforms

,----[ Quote ]
| Google today called for UK copyright reforms that allow individuals limited 
| use of copyrighted work in order to create new content. 
| "Fair use" laws in the US – which cover use of music for sampling, for 
| example – were included in the 2006 Gowers review of UK intellectual property 
| but have not been incorporated into British law.  


EU Copyright Extension: Help MEPs Hear the Other Side

,----[ Quote ]
| From reading the official European Commission documentation on its proposed 
| Copyright Term Extension Directive, one might believe perpetuating performer 
| copyrights from 50 to 95 years in Europe is a charitable policy with no ill 
| effects at all. That's certainly how Commissioner Charlie McCreevy would like 
| it to appear, as he pushes for the Parliament to vote on the Directive in 
| March of this year.     


Intellectual Property Harmonization: TACD Recommendations, a Difficult

,----[ Quote ]
| The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue last week hosted a conference 
| entitled “Patents, Copyrights and Knowledge Governance: The Next Four Years”, 
| gathering IP lawyers and economists from all over the world.  


Days ago:

Does ACTA Secrecy Violate European Law?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most problematic aspects of the negotiations around ACTA, the
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is how the entire process has been
| shrouded in secrecy. Those involved in the process try to brush off this
| complaint by saying something along the lines of "but we always negotiate
| treaties this way!" but that's hardly a good reason to do so -- especially
| when the impact of ACTA could be wide ranging.


the fight against term extension, continued (in Europe)

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's 4:51 from the Open Rights Group on the proposal to extend the
| copyright term for sound recordings in Europe. (Recall, we extended our term
| to match the Europeans, but then, surprise surprise, we actually overshot the
| Europeans in important categories, leading the Europeans now to argue they
| need to extend the term to match the Americans.)

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