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[News] Git Gaining Momentum in Free Software World

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Open-sourcers get with the git

,----[ Quote ]
| There was a time when the Linux community used BitKeeper as its source code 
| control system, after switching from the open-source CVS. But then Samba 
| developer Andrew Tridgell figured out you could telnet to a BitKeeper server, 
| type "HELP," and get a list of commands. Upon hearing of Tridgell's daring 
| hack, BitMover - the company that maintains BitKeeper - got all 
| license-revokey on the community, changing the terms of the agreement and 
| demanding that Linux developers start paying for its software.      


DVCS Round-Up: One System to Rule Them All?--Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2002, Linus Torvalds caved in to the pressure from the community to 
| finally adopt some sort of source control mechanism for the Linux kernel. 
| Since the existing alternatives (namely CVS and SVN) did not fit his 
| requirements, Torvalds finally settled on a closed source solution: BitKeeper 
| by BitMover Inc. This decision was controversial at best, and many argued 
| that BitKeeper's advantages were not worth the risk of becoming dependent on 
| a piece of closed source software. Notable criticism came from GNU founder 
| Richard Stallman, arguing that especially a flagship project like Linux 
| should avoid using proprietary tools. However, Torvalds did not give in, 
| essentially asserting that he would use either BitKeeper or no source control 
| at all.          




,----[ Quoye ]
| The latest feature release GIT 1.6.0 is available at the usual places...


GitHub unites Version Control with the Pastie

,----[ Quote ]
| What does this mean for pastie users? Each pastie, or gist, is its own Git
| repository. By placing pasties inside a git repository, GitHub is able to
| redefine how pasties work.
| [...]
| Even though GitHub is only about eight months old, they already host just
| over 10,000 open source projects. More importantly, they are already
| profitable with paying customers for their private repository hosting service
| numbering in the thousands.


Git Spawns a Business

,----[ Quote ]
| The up-and-coming version control system git has begun to prove its mettle
| outside of Linux kernel development. The Ruby on Rails community has embraced
| it wholeheartedly with many core projects migrating to the system recently.
| The climate has become right for businesses to spring up in the wake of this
| adoption.


Git Gets Down to Business

,----[ Quote ]
| That is, not content with helping to create an entire GNU/Linux industry,
| Torvalds has now spawned another business sector with Git. Truly, this man is
| working towards world domination.


Git to Manage Android Code

,----[ Quote ]
| Git is an open source version control system designed to handle very large
| projects with speed and efficiency, but it’s also suited for small personal
| repositories; it is especially popular in the open source community, serving
| as a development platform for projects like the Linux Kernel, WINE or X.org.


Git is the next Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| Much like Unix itself, git's actual software doesn't matter; it's the file
| format, the concepts, that change everything.
| Whether they're called git or not, some amazing things will come of this.


GIT 1.5.4, "An Unusually Long Cycle"

,----[ Quote ]
| "The latest feature release GIT 1.5.4 is available at the usual places,"
| began Git maintainer Junio Hamano. He continued, "it has been an unusually
| long cycle. 5 months since the last feature release 1.5.3 was really a bit
| too long. But I hope it was worth waiting for. Thanks everybody for working
| hard to improve it." He noted that there were 165 contributers resulting in
| 684 changed files, included 70,435 insertions and 28,984 deletions.      



Linux: Graphical Git Statistics

,----[ Quote ]
| Jungseung Lee announced the first public release of gitstat

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