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[News] New Business Cases for GNU/Linux and Free Software

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Firm finds gain after open-source shift pain

,----[ Quote ]
| It's nice to read what open-source vendors think of open source: it's easy, 
| cheap, and quite possibly the cure for cancer. (That last one is my personal 
| hope.)  
| However, it's much more useful to get real customer feedback on open source. 
| That's what makes Mercian Labels' shift to open source--with all the benefits 
| and negatives that come with such a move--so intriguing. It's especially 
| useful data, since the company meticulously tracked the highs and lows of its 
| shift to open source on its blog, as its managing director, Adrian Steele, 
| told me over e-mail.     


Linux can save your business.

,----[ Quote ]
| So just by using Linux you are free of the pressure of auditors and software 
| giants breathing down your neck. Your business is coasting through stormy 
| financial waters and you are sipping martinis on your yacht as you peruse a 
| catalog of furniture for your new ho   


The Case for Open Source Development, a Personal Case Study

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of days ago I happened to meet my old friend Idel Fuschini on the 
| street, and we have been talking about things happened ten years ago or 
| longer when working in the mobile VAS sector, when WAP was still to come.  


Nokia using Drupal



Commercial Open Source: Commercial and Open Source are still not antonyms

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last few days I have just been reading my news alerts on commercial 
| open source and I found out that someone still thinks it sounds like a 
| contradiction in terms, others question about how open is commercial open 
| source, while there is who argues that OSS vendors have to sell products, not 
| subscriptions.    


Cavazos Presentation on Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Training teachers and students to use a piece of software makes 
| that software more valuable. Vendors know this. Business sense, 
| not altruism, is what drives deep discounts on software for 
| education. I once spoke to a vendor of an online grade book 
| who, upon learning that I train teachers, was very interested 
| in my using it in my classes.



Kamloops school district gets an education in free software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kamloops/Thompson School District in British Columbia, Canada, is a 
| free software success story. Gregg Ferrie, manager of information 
| technology for the district, believes its infrastructure may be "the 
| largest Linux on-the-desktop implementation in Western Canada" in 
| public education.


Adobe targets school kids to get them hooked on software

,----[ Quote ]
| Adobe is where the 'apps' are manufactured. These apps that have the
| power to make images appear before our children's eyes. "There were
| all these, like, stars, and they were rotating. It really captured
| my attention," said Nigel, 14, hardly more than a child, but with
| the vacant expression of a man who has spent hours looking at a
| screen. Nigel has now discovered he needs glasses.

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