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[News] USPTO Ruined by Its Own Stupidity, Needs Reform

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Brookings Conference on Software and Business Method Patents Highlights Need
for Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week there was a conference of significant interest to the free and open 
| source software community on the problem of software and business method 
| patents at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. I was pleased to 
| find that Red Hat is by no means alone in its opposition to patents on 
| abstract ideas. There were, to be sure, some proponents of the status quo, 
| but respected voices are acknowledging the serious problems in the current 
| system and laying the intellectual groundwork for reform.      
| The conference was co-sponsored by the Computer & Communications Industry 
| Association (of which Red Hat is a member) and Duke University School of Law 
| (our neighbor just down the road in Durham, N.C.). A list of the two dozen 
| scholars, lawyers, and industry representatives who participated is here.   


Patent Trolls Erode the Foundation of the U.S. Patent System

,----[ Quote ]
| Climbing out of the deep economic recession the United States is facing will 
| require multiple remedies, but there is no doubt that ongoing innovation will 
| be critical to restoring the long-term economic health and prosperity of our 
| country. Innovation is so key to our nation’s prosperity that our founders 
| enshrined the general principle of intellectual property as an essential 
| element of economic development in Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution. 
| The basis for this constitutional provision establishing a patent system was 
| not the protection of individual rights to inventions per se, but rather the 
| promotion of economic development in a young and ambitious country.        


“Staff at the European Patent Office went on strike accusing the organization
of corruption: specifically, stretching the standards for patents in order to
make more money.”

“One of the ways that the EPO has done this is by issuing software patents in
defiance of the treaty that set it up.”

                                                --Richard Stallman


Chocolate coins for EPO cash cow

,----[ Quote ]
| Examiners of the European Patent Office have recently invaded one of the
| secret meetings of the Administrative Council with chocolate coins, pointing
| to the conflict of interests between the National Patent Offices (NPOs) and
| their appetite of "more patents, more money".

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