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[News] The Copyrights Cartel 'Steals' ('Pirates') The Web in New Zealand, UK

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Telcos want delay in law on net piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| New Zealand telcos want to delay the introduction of new copyright laws to 
| police internet privacy by up to two months while they iron 
| out "controversial issues".  
| Section 92A of the Copyright Act requires internet service providers to act 
| against their customers on copyright owners' allegations of illegal music and 
| movie downloads from the internet.  


UK Government To Force ISPs To Become Copyright Cops

,----[ Quote ]
| Like other industry trade groups around the world, the British Phonographic 
| Industry, that country's RIAA equivalent, has been pushing for British ISPs 
| to become its copyright cops, something a number of ISPs have refused to do. 
| After some threatening noises from British politicians, some ISPs relented, 
| and now, the government is set go all the way by forcing the ISPs to play 
| ball.     



Internet Censors Must Be Accountable For The Things They Break

,----[ Quote ]
| Censorship technologies are purveyed as a way to protect us from the evils of
| child abuse. But they're costly systems that are unlikely to actually protect
| anyone or prevent any child abuse — they're more likely to interfere with the
| way the Internet works and hamper innovation by online communities.


Labor plan to censor internet in shreds

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government's plan to censor the internet is in tatters, with Australia's
| largest ISP saying it will not take part in live trials of the system and the
| second largest committing only to a scaled-back trial.
| And the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has written to critics
| saying that the so-called "live" trials would be "a closed network test and
| will not involve actual customers". Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said this was
| a sign the Government was slowly backing away from the heavily criticised
| policy.


Internet Filtering Appearing On Various Wishlists For Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| It's tough to get that worked up about the various "wishlists" being sent by
| different interest groups to President-elect Obama. After all, you'd expect
| the groups to basically push for their entire agenda, and there's no
| indication that an Obama administration will agree to any of these -- but
| it's still worth watching. For example, the MPAA's wishlist includes plenty
| of forced filtering and a "three strikes" policy that Europe recently
| rejected as taking away basic human rights (there's that MPAA spirit!).

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