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[News] GNU/Linux Applications Go Beyond the Desktop APIs

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Building desktop Linux applications with JavaScript

,----[ Quote ]
| During his keynote presentation at OSCON last year, Ubuntu founder Mark 
| Shuttleworth described application extensibility as an important enabler of 
| innovation and user empowerment. Citing the Firefox web browser and its rich 
| ecosystem of add-ons as an example, Shuttleworth suggested that the Linux 
| community could deliver a lot of extra value by making scriptable automation 
| and plugin capabilities available pervasively across the entire desktop 
| stack.      



Speed test: Google Chrome beats Firefox, IE, Safari

,----[ Quote ]
| Google offers a site with five JavaScript benchmarks. On each one of these
| tests, Chrome clearly trounced the competition. I hope benchmarking experts
| and developers will weigh in with comments about how well these tests
| represent true JavaScript performance on the Web--either for ordinary sites
| or for rich Web apps.


New direction for 'JavaScript 2'

,----[ Quote ]
| Standardization efforts for the next version of JavaScript have taken a sharp
| turn this month, with some key changes in the Web scripting technology's
| direction.


Java developers get repository help

,----[ Quote ]
| Sonatype on Tuesday began offering a tool for Java developers to manage
| internal Maven-based code repositories and access external Maven
| repositories.
| The company's Nexus 1.0 product is a Maven repository manager; the Maven
| Central Repository itself features a repository for binary artifacts and
| publicly available project metadata, the company said.


Study: Java still top programming language

,----[ Quote ]
| Java has its detractors, but according to a recent reading of the Tiobe
| Programming Community Index, it's still the dominant programming language,
| with little change in its overall popularity since August 2007. Runners up?
| C, (Visual) Basic, C++, and PHP.


Linux Development Thriving

,----[ Quote ]
| There was a time when developers were clamouring all over Microsoft, but
| latest figures from Evans Data shows that fewer than one in ten software
| developers are writing applications for Windows Vista this year – just eight
| percent. To rub salt in the wound, the data shows that 49 percent of
| developers are writing applications for Windows XP.
| Linux is also thriving it would seem. 13 percent are writing applications,
| with 15.5 percent in 2009.
| [...]
| Unfortunately for Microsoft, that probably means re-investing in XP and
| dumping Vista like an unwanted prom date.

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