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[News] Choosing Mirosoft's Silver Lie Leads to Big Backlash

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[Advocate Play Ogg] Inoggaural coverage

,----[ Quote ]
| You can tune in to Ogg Vorbis coverage of the US presidential
| inauguration on WBUR at <http://www.wbur.org/listen/feed/ogg.m3u>.
| If you know other places streaming in Ogg Vorbis or Theora, please send
| them along to our new discussion list at address@hidden (and
| subscribe at http://lists.gnu.org/listinfo/playogg-discuss).
| If you're an <http://identi.ca> or Twitter user, you can direct a
| comment to "obamainaugural" on Twitter asking them why the official
| streaming format is Microsoft's Silverlight and not Ogg Theora. Public
| events like this should be broadcast in publicly accessible free
| formats, not used as levers to gain market share and control over
| citizens for proprietary software companies like Microsoft.



Support Open Media

,----[ Quote ]
| Are you tired of constantly being prompted to download proprietary software
| and plugins to play the videos and listen to the music you want? Are you fed
| up with seeing new gadgets that only use incompatible and restrictive audio
| and video formats? Did you know that it’s not a lack of technological
| know-how that causes this, but software patents and other legal restrictions?
| Increasingly proprietary software companies like Microsoft, Apple and Adobe
| are pushing video and audio formats that restrict access and restrict
| software developers, but there is an alternative that can be played on all
| computers without restriction—Ogg.


"I'm Linux" contest open for video entries

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation (LF) is now accepting 60-second video entries for
| its "I'm Linux" contest, which spoofs recent Apple and Microsoft commercials.
| The winner will receive a free trip to Tokyo to participate in the LF's Japan
| Linux Symposium in October 2009, says the nonprofit group.


Ogg on the Rise

,----[ Quote ]
| And things are looking up on the audio front as well, with more and more
| sites casting Ogg Vorbis streams and downloads. The Canadian Broadcasting
| Corporation has been streaming Ogg for quite some time (CBC Radio 1, 2, and
| 3), as well as Germany's Deutschlandradio. More recently the U.S. National
| Public Radio station affiliate, WBUR Boston has begun streaming Ogg Vorbis.
| And, after a brief visit to New Zealand last August by Richard Stallman, we
| received word from Radio New Zealand that they had begun providing Oggcasts
| of much of their programming.


Radio NZ rolls out Ogg Vorbis

,----[ Quote ]
| Hulse says the use of Ogg Vorbis has been in the planning stage for a while,
| but was delayed while he worked out a way to rationalise Radio New Zealand’s
| storage.

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