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[News] Linux... It's a Trap!

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Once You Go Linux, You Never Go Back

,----[ Quote ]
| Unless you are updating your kernel, you will almost never have to restart 
| your computer. Unlike Windows, an update of web-browser (IE8), will not force 
| you to restart your computer twice. While Windows 7 does have better 
| performance over Vista, it is nowhere close to the speed performance of any 
| two year old Linux-based distro. The minimum requirements of running any 
| linux-based distro beats the hell out of running Windows 7.     
| If these are not enough reasons why a (real) Linux user will not switch to 
| Windows 7, than you are not really a Linux user to begin with. 


BetaVista7 is a joke and it's no finished product. It's part of the
Disinformation Slog.


Some Fanboys Don’t Like Windows 7 Either

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazingly, the Windows Supersite of Paul Thurrott is showing some falling out
| of lockstep with Redmond.


Help Microsoft Design a Better BSOD for Windows 7


What a disaster. It's another Vistaster.

Windows 7 Unmasked

,----[ Quote ]
| But after the stage props came down, and after the projectors finally went
| cold, attendees were left with a pre-beta copy of something that looked less
| like a new OS than the repackaging of an old one. At least that was my
| impression after I started exploring the Windows 7 M3 (Milestone 3) bits that
| came on my shiny new 160GB Western Digital USB hard disk (one of the better
| tchotchkes I've received at a conference). As I reported on my Enterprise
| Desktop blog, the more I dug into Windows 7, the more I saw an OS that looked
| and felt like a slightly tweaked version of Windows Vista.
| [...]
| Just what was so new about Microsoft's next Windows, apart from a rejuggled
| UI? Windows 7 appeared to suck memory like Vista, to consume CPU like Vista,
| and to have the same consumer focus. How would this product be received by
| enterprise customers, the vast majority of whom had soundly rejected its
| predecessor? After all, if Vista wasn't good enough for big business, then
| surely a Vista-derived encore would meet with a similarly chilly reception.
| [...]
| Otherwise, Windows 7 operates much like Vista. There are subtle visual tweaks
| here and there, but nothing on the level of the dramatic XP-to-Vista
| transition. Ironically, Vista users may be more annoyed by the UI changes
| than users coming from XP. Because the Windows 7 and Vista Aero experiences
| are so similar, seasoned users of Vista will be more likely to look in the
| wrong places for common functions. By contrast, XP users won't be burdened
| with now-outdated Aero navigation skills.

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