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Re: A Linux advocacy guide - focus on the positives.

On Jan 20, 6:18 am, "Clogwog" <BWAHAHAH...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "RexBallard" <rex.ball...@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in berichtnews:751d03fb-53f6-4780-bb47-a72e98bf1e43@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Is this an example of Linux Advocacy?  Or WinTrolling?

Classic WinTroll and LinuxTroll Tactics:

  - Challenge Credibility
     - Find one or more statements and provide contradicting
information - even if from an unreliable source.
     - Find one or two statements made in the posting and challenge
the poster to "prove it"
     - Find previously challenged information from previous posts and
quote them.
     - Misquote previous statements by the author - exaggerating their
claims to make them look absurd.
     - Find details about the poster's personal life - and post them
to the group - trigger homophobia or racism
     - Make unproven claims about the poster (he's flatfish).
     - Resort to kindergarten tactics of name-calling
     - Snip everything and state that all the snipped content is lies.
When all else fails
     - Complain about length or "boring" content - so that people will
ignore the big one with a good case.

Primary goal of a Troll:
     - Distract readers away from well presented content that don't
want people to read by flooding the thread with irrelevent nonsense -
getting people to ignore the entire thread due to high "noise" levels.

When a troll fails:
     - Well presented postings get quoted or paraphrased by bloggers
and other low-noise sources.
     - Reporters begin investigating claims and suggestions and
include them in reports.
     - More publications begin to cover the topic - creating a wave of
new interest.
     - Key decision makers begin acting on suggestions and claims
            - Actions could include changes in purchasing,
prosecutions, lawsuits, and formal policies.

Examples of ineffective trolling
     - The spread of UNIX in corporate enterprises - displacing VMS,
OS/400, MVS, and other proprietary OS
     - The spread of TCP/IP in corporate networks - displacing DECNet,
SNA, and Netware
     - The spread of the Internet - displacing Prodigy, Compuserve,
and AOL dedicated dial-ups.
     - The spread of IP Broadband - displacing ISDN, X.25, SS7, and
     - The spread of VoIP - displacing expensive traditional phone
     - The spread of OSS - including FireFox, Eclipse, OpenOffice,
GAIM, and Pidgin
     - Globalization of the Economy - creating abundance world-wide.

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