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[News] KPCs Come with GNU/Linux Preinstalled

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Shuttle completes its reinvention

,----[ Quote ]
| KPCs are the name of the new low end/Linux line that Shuttle put out last 
| year. We told you about them first a year ago, and now they have a bunch of 
| models sold under the KPC brand. The latest is the K5600, a Via C7 + CN7000 
| based computer. It retails for $139 or so including the box and CPU. If you 
| want a really nice machine to build an HTPC around, get one of these and slap 
| an ATI 4500/4600 in. Add in some Ram, an HD, Mythbuntu, and for under $300, 
| you have a complete system. Damn nice.      



Shuttle KPC K4800

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're in the market for a solid secondary system for running basic tasks
| and surfing the Web, or if you're ready to take the Linux plunge, the K4800
| is one of the best deals around, especially if you already have a spare
| monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


Shuttle KPC K45 Barebones System

,----[ Quote ]
| I spent the majority of my time using Linux Mint, because it's the
| least-hassling Linux distribution I've ever come across. It's Ubuntu with
| enough tweaks and uniquely Mint applications that it's its own animal.


Shuttle KPC K4500 Compact PC - PC World

,----[ Quote ]
| Alas, neither drive bay is externally accessible, so you can't add an
| internal optical drive. When the K4500 functions as a corporate PC or a kiosk
| machine, this is no problem; but if you want to install a copy of Windows
| (the KPC runs Linux), plan on doing it via an external drive. The machine
| lacks front-panel ports such as USB 2.0 and audio, though it has four USB 2.0
| ports plus legacy parallel and serial ports on the back.
| [...]
| The K4500 runs a green-hued version of the Gnome Linux desktop. Overall, the
| user experience is good, and the speed adequate. The PC ships with the
| OpenOffice productivity suite and such other Linux apps as the Firefox
| browser, the Pidgin instant messenger, and the F-Spot photo organizer.



Shuttle announces K45 mini-PC barebone, and systems shipping with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Shuttle recently introduced its K45 mini-PC barebone, based on the Intel
| 945GC chip set and supporting both power-saving and current dual-core  
| processors.


$199 Shuttle kPC ditches Ubuntu for Foresight Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| When Shuttle unveiled its low-cost kPC desktop at CES in January, word was
| that the machine would come pre-loaded with a copy of the popular Ubuntu
| Linux operating system.  


Shuttle KPC Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer Shopper does not currently have pricing information for this
| product. It may be available directly from the manufacturer's Web site.

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