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Re: [News] Reform Sought for Intellectual Monopolies, "A Mental Illness"

On 2009-01-19, chrisv <chrisv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>>I think what's more of a mental illness is the fact that you never seem to
>>have an original thought of your own, Roy.  All you can do is speak through
>>others.  It's like you read something, and it fills your consciousness and
>>you must regurgitate it to everyone that will listen.
>>Why can't you write your own articles, Roy?  Why must you do nothing but
>>parrot others and rearrange contexts to appear like others say what you
>>want to say?  Why not say it yourself?
>>That, is what I would call a mental illness.
> Sure, Fuddie.  I'd bet anything that, were he on the Micro$oft side,
> like you are, you'd say not one word against him.
> You're an immoral and dishonest fsck, Fuddie.

Erik is in the same mental state as Rosie O'Flatso, Doofie and Qook,
who are all mentally ill, classic, textbook cases, as one can easily
determine by judging their own actions. However the loonies in the ward
tend to get together and decide the doctors and nurses are the crazy
ones. So it's not surprising that someone as mentally-challenged as Der
FUDmeister would think a normal person is unbalanced.

Witness: the trolls stay here day in and day out, 24/7/365. They claim
linux is losing, it's going nowhere, it's too unstable, it's too buggy,
it crashes, it can't work compatibly, there aren't any apps, it's too
expensive to make a switch from Windows to it because so much doesn't
exist or would need to be rewritten, the world runs on Windows and
always will, etc. Some of them (Doof, for example) claim to be in such
high demand that they have work to keep them busy into the next

But where are they? Working? No. Fighting against what? Linux. For how
many years? Lots and lots and lots!

Erik falls right into it with them. In fact, he's been doing it longer.
Far, far longer. Fighting against something that's going nowhere,
something that "isn't as good" as Windows. In a linux advocacy group.

Worse, Erik is hung up on Roy's posts. No question about it. He iss so
hung up on everything Roy posts that he has to read every tittle that
Roy puts out, then find whatever morsel he can to gripe about it. He
doesn't have to confirm that. It's so bloody obvious that it's
impossible *not* to see it. He has to read and judge everything. He has
to pick at whatever he can find every chance he gets. And when he can't
find things to complain about often enough, he has to attack Roy for
posting things in the first place. He has to assign a mental state to
Roy even though it's Erik who is having seizures over Roy's postings.

/Who/ is unbalanced?

The inmates can't call their own traits a sign of mental illness
because it fits all of them. So it must be somebody else.

I know, it must be that guy that posts pro-linux stuff in a linux
advocacy group! That's it! That guy that copies and pastes articles
must be the kook! Because it can't be the patients on the crazy ward
who are nuts! If he'd post pro-Microsoft articles, he'd be a swell guy.
But he doesn't. He posts pro-linux stuff and anti-MS stuff. In a linux
_advocacy_ group, too! What's *wrong* with that guy??!?

It's not so much a case of the pot calling the kettle black with Erik.
It's more like the cast iron skillet calling the stainless steel pot

Stupidity is the basic building block of the universe.
 -- Frank Zappa

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