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Re: virus sends RAF e-mails to Russia ..

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____/ The Lost Packet on Sunday 18 January 2009 16:04 : \____

> Jerry McBride wrote:
>> Doug Mentohl wrote:
>>> THE Ministry of Defence is investigating a major breach in security amid
>>> claims that all e-mail traffic from a number of RAF stations has been
>>> sent to a Russian internet server.
>>> The e-mails were allegedly diverted to the Russian sender by a worm
>>> virus that entered the MoD systems 12 days ago bringing down computers
>>> and blocking e-mail communications across the military ..
>>> http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5537034.ece
>> This is what happens when you base your military infrastructure around a
>> microsoft product. They use windows in almost every aspect now... even in
>> their nuclear submarines... and not just clients either... Scary shit for
>> sure...
> brings a whole new level of paranoia to the term "Blue Screen of Death"...

Maybe they put Windows 3.11 on 'the button'...

                ...make it obscure enough to crack.

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