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Re: [News] Reform Sought for Intellectual Monopolies, "A Mental Illness"

Micoshaft Appil asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock Erik Funkenbusch
wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Appil Department of Marketing:

>> Editor's Note: Intellectual Property Is A Mental Illness
> I think what's more of a mental illness is the fact that you never seem to
> have an original thought of your own, Roy.  All you can do is speak
> through
> others.  It's like you read something, and it fills your consciousness and
> you must regurgitate it to everyone that will listen.
> Why can't you write your own articles, Roy?  Why must you do nothing but
> parrot others and rearrange contexts to appear like others say what you
> want to say?  Why not say it yourself?
> That, is what I would call a mental illness.

I think the mental illness you are showing is that induced by
going to unethical technology evangelism classes
to then get enraged and protective about money being paid to you by
people like baldie balmer (i.e. someone who you
come to view as your pappy if the unethical technology
evangelism courses you invested in has succeeded).
Whenever someone attacks your beloved pappy, your
sense of rage is heightened and you begin to attack
strangers on the internet to feed your rage.

Have you tried ethical technology evangelism courses
to control your anti-Linux rage?

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