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[News] Renowned Ecnonomist Advises Obama to Invest in Free Software

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Yes, We Can Make the Stimulus More Stimulating

,----[ Quote ]
| 6) Funding for the Development of Open Software
|     In the same vein, the government can spend $2 billion a year to develop 
|     open source software. This money can be used to further develop and 
|     simplify open source operating systems such as Linux, as well other forms 
|     of free software. The payoffs from this spending would be enormous. 
|     Imagine that every computer buyer in the world would be able to get a 
|     computer for which the operating system was free, as was almost all the 
|     software that they would ever use.       


Economist suggests federal funding of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| US ECONOMIST Dean Baker suggested on Monday that the federal government ought 
| to fund Open Source software development as part of this year's economic 
| stimulus package.  
| The subsidy was one of seven ideas he mentioned in an article published 
| online at Truthout, including extending health insurance coverage, public 
| funding for clinical drug trials, cash buyouts for older vehicles, subsidies 
| for public transportation, federal funding for creative artisans and artists, 
| and tax incentives for shorter working weeks and more holiday time off.    



  The Once and Future Economy

,----[ Quote ]
| This is yet another reason why the lock down of knowledge by intellectual
| monopolies is simply unacceptable in a world that will be predicated on
| sharing digital stuff, just as we used to share the physical stuff that
| Nature gave us a few hundred thousand years ago.


Siemens patent snafu sees Seagate slip away

,----[ Quote ]
| Siemens reckoned Seagate had infringed a group of patents it thought it owned
| concerned with multi-layer hard disk drive sensor technology in GMR (Giant
| Magneto-Resistive) read heads. Siemens claimed up to $1bn in damages, based
| on all Seagate hard drives shipping since 2000 using its patented technology.
| Subsequently this was reduced to $366m, which it calculated as a three per
| cent royalty on Seagate HDD sales of $12.2bn in the relevant period. The
| judge then restricted the damages claim to royalties on disk drive sales
| after November 24 2004, which amounted to $160m.


The (Intellectual Monopoly) Biter Bit

,----[ Quote ]
| The author of a proposed Chilean law to fight copyright infringement was
| greeted with the warning message "This copy of Microsoft Office is not
| genuine" when he was making a presentation about it.

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