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Re: [troll alert] Boycott Novell Will Soon Dump Roy Schestowitz

John (Gary M. Stewart) wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:
John (Gary M. Stewart) wrote:
High Plains Thumper wrote:
simian.knucklescraper@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

The founder of Boycottnovell, Shane Coyle, aka
Twitter, has finally seen the light and reliazed that
Roy Schestowitz is a lump of shit wrapped around his

Roy has [snip rest of flatfish droppings]

Hello, Gary M. Stewart.  How's Google Groups and the
open proxy from Brazil working out?

Looks like all those messages come directly from the www.boycottnovell.com site.
What's the difference who posts them here?
Or are you afraid of the truth about your hero Roy
Schestowitz being told?
Again, this stuff appears right on that sight.
Roy Schestowitz's own [snip rest of flatfish droppings]

Hello, Gary.  So it wasn't enough that you got the deserved
attention here in COLA, that you must now drag your flame
war with Roy into COLM and AOL?

http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2008/12/gary-m-stewart.html http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2008/11/sandeep-kumar.html http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2008/01/moshe-goldfarb-troll.html

Look screwball, it seems you are not very intelligent so I
will spell it out for you once again.

So now you go ad hominem, Gary, excellent advocacy (to COLA that is), isn't it?

These quotes and posts are directly from Roy Schestowitz's own
website, boycottnovell.com which is actually owned by Shane

What part of the post where people are pissed off at Roy do
you not understand?

I only see one "pissed off" person and that is you.

What part of Roy Schestowitz's lying, deception, libel and
slander against some very fine individuals and corporations do
you not comprehend?

Roy posts quotes from articles, which is far closer to the truth than your ad hominem off-topic (to COLA that is) rants, which you have crossposted to COLM and AOL.

What is it that you don't understand?

Nothing, rather it is you that don't understand.

These are not my words, they are right from his own site.

Are they? What does dragging your disagreements with off-site activities have to do with the COLA newsgroup (or COLM and AOL)?

Maybe you just don't want to admit that your hero is a fake.

No, he is not my hero and he is for real, but you and your nymshifts are here to spread FUD.

You can try and discredit me all you want but it doesn't
change a thing.

It doesn't?  Guess again.

The facts are right there on Roy Schestowitz's
Boycottnovell.com site for all to see.

Again, what does Roy's off-site activities have to do with COLA?

And BTW they have been echoed to various other sites as well
to preserve the facts in case Roy decides to re-write history.

Sure they are Gary, just like all archive sites and Usenet ISP's honour the "X-No-Archive: yes" header (not).


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