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[News] Ubuntu Developer Interview: Jordan Mantha

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Interview with Ubuntu Developer Jordan Mantha

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been working on Ubuntu since just before Breezy Badger was released 
| (around September of 2005). I got involved with Edubuntu later on around May 
| of 2006.  



Migration Assistant In Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| When checking out a recent daily LiveCD of Ubuntu 9.04 (the Jaunty
| Jackalope), the migration wizard found in the Ubiquity installer now supports
| migrating files from an Ubuntu installation.


Artwork for Ubuntu Jaunty Already Impressive

,----[ Quote ]
| Just before Intrepid Ibex came out, I had a few things to say about the new
| artwork. In a last-minute switch, things improved a little, but I was still
| never impressed with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex in the way that Fedora 10 or Ubuntu
| Hardy Heron impressed me. It seems we are barely even started into the new
| release cycle, yet I can already say there are some very promising choices.
| Below are a selection of my favorites: (A number are proposed specifically
| for the betas, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be used.)


An early glimpse of Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The biggest change that I noted was the addition of an encrypted private area
| to your home user area. In the times in which we live, I can certainly see
| that coming in useful though it may not set pulses racing in some quarters.


Firefox 3.1, Linux 2.6.28 Enter Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The first alpha build for Ubuntu 9.04 was released a week ago and there
| wasn't too much to take note of in this inaugural development release for the
| Jaunty Jackalope. Many of the packages were the same as what can be found in
| Ubuntu 8.10, there was the same theme, and the exciting Ubuntu 9.04 features
| have yet to be implemented. However, since that release several new packages
| have been accepted into Jaunty that begin to show change.

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