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Re: Poor Roy Schestowitz......

Gary M. Stewart wrote:
On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 23:29:51 +0100, ml2mst wrote:> ml2mst
High Plains Thumper wrote:
Gary M. Stewart wrote:

Schestowitz must be going through withdrawal because he
is unable to SPAM at his usual level of crap flooding.

"His" alleged hardware problems have forced him to use
Google Groups and his Manchester University network
connection rather than sponging off of Mark Kent's ISP
like he usually does.

More than likely Mark Kent's system is down and poor Roy
Schestowitz, too cheap to pay for his own connection is
forced to be limited by Google's lock down on the amount
of daily posts they will allow from one ip address /user

Poor Roy.... It must be killing him. BWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

This is (as usual) complete rubbish.

No it's not.

Roy is temporary posting via Google groups, so what. If it's
a long term problem, a fellow GNU/Linux advocate will help
him out.

Why doesn't he help himself out and GET A JOB for goodness

Obviously phishing, this troll knows little of Roy's life.

I for example have a unused Usenet account from my ISP and I
will gladly hand it over to Roy, if required.

Why bother?

Mark Kent is already doing that.

You do realize that they admitted a while back that Roy
Schestowitz, amongst others (not necessarily COLA posters)
have access to Mark Kent's ISP connection.

Obvious cluelessness.

Alternatively Roy could open a gratis account at
Albasani.net. This is a Free Usenet (text only) service,
located in Germany and they are extremely pro GNU/Linux.
They used Debian and last year moved to Ubuntu GNU/Linux and
they are very proud about it.

Yes he could. Why he doesn't I don't care. I suspect it's
because they would shut his SPAM operation down whereas Google
only limits the number of posts per timeframe.

More cluelessness.

I'm using this service for over a year now and I know they
*Love* COLA. I have no doubt that they would love it if Roy
posted his [News] using their service.

Nobody loves COLA, except the bottom dwelling Linux
"advocates", all 4 of them, that exist here. COLA is the joke

The punchline, revelation of further cluelessness.  See below:


[quote] Name: Moshe Goldfarb (aka flatfish, Gary Stewart,


* See entry for flatfish troll
* Homophobic (most likely a closet gay)
* Apart from the flatfish posting style, he/she/it often
drops a clanger [/quote]


Subject: Re: Roy Schestowitz
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 08:37:41 +0100
Message-ID: MPG.22710e9e34014f6b9896a3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

He has software that takes RSS feeds, sorts them,
searches for certain phrases, makes comments taken from
a database and spits out the stuff to every corner of
the Internet.

Unlike you - a troll with a chip on your shoulder who
manually creates so much shite aka anti-Roy spam that
no-one, that's right, NO-ONE wants to read, that you've
single-handedly reduced the appeal and effectiveness of a

Please, go create another group and move to it. If you
really have a voice someone wants to listen to, you'll get
them moving over to it.

You can get treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder
you know ! [/quote]


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