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[News] Powerful Applications for Schools to Run on GNU/Linux

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Ten Linux apps that get top marks from schools 

,----[ Quote ]
| Teachers and school administrators who have to be creative about acquiring 
| affordable educational software will find plenty to choose from in the world 
| of open source, says Jack Wallen.  
| Good educational software is hard to come by. And with budgets tight, it is 
| understandable that many schools are turning to Linux and open-source 
| software to save money. Most people have no idea how many outstanding 
| educational applications there are for the Linux operating system. Here are 
| 10 of the best.    


Africa- A Fertile ground for Open Source and Linux. 

,----[ Quote ]
| Again, I strongly believe that if basic schools here can be introduced to ICT 
| using Open Source software, it will go a long way into helping create an 
| awareness among the next generation of IT users in Africa that there is a 
| very powerful, reliable and free alternative to MS and other closed source 
| commercial applications.     



The kids are all right with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently my son’s school spent the summer ripping out the old PC system and
| replacing it with a centralized Linux server and terminals.
| Now here’s the real shocking part.
| No one noticed. There’s not even a mention of it on the school Web site.


Teaching tech to tots: The use of Linux and open source in pre-schools

,----[ Quote ]
| What started as wondering how to contribute to my 5 year old son’s pre-school
| lead to the discovery of some absolutely terrific open source software that
| really aids the educational process. Here’s why even in this Microsoft world
| Linux is the best platform for early childhood education.
| [...]
| Yet, there was another option: Ubuntu Linux, rapidly becoming the best known
| Linux distribution available and which specifically has an educational add-on
| called Edubuntu.
| [...]
| If you are a parent or educator, do look into what open source software has
| to offer you, and do so without fear that your child will have difficulties
| transitioning from Microsoft Windows to a Linux environment.


Russian Schools A-Rushin' to Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| [Via Google Translate: In more than 50% of schools pilot regions, where the
| scheduled installation of free software packages (PSPO), distributions have
| been installed.
| So far a total of PSPO installed in 572 schools in the republic of Tatarstan,
|                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Perm Territory, and Tomsk region (of the planned 1084).]


10 Reasons why Free Software and GNU/Linux should be used in schools

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve got a pet peeve. I love reading “Why GNU/Linux should be used in
| schools” articles. My pet peeve is the fact that the main focus of most of
| these articles is cost. The way it is portrayed by the media turns it into a
| cheap “alternative” that you use if you can’t afford Windows or hate
| Microsoft. This isn’t what makes GNU/Linux truly great for schools. Using
| that as my motivational drive, I decided to compile a list of the top 10
| reasons that make GNU/Linux and other Free Software essential for schools.
| 1. No vendor lock-ins ...
| 2. Freedom to redistribute ...
| 3. Security ...
| 4. No pressure to upgrade ...


Koreans to showcase open source experience in Cebu summit

,----[ Quote ]
| KIPA has been actively pushing open source use in government. One of its
| projects resulted in a local version of Linux (called Buyeo) now used in
| nearly 200 schools in South Korea.
| KIPA is likewise working to make Linux more readily available to companies in
| Korea. It has publicly stated its goal to run 40 percent of servers in the
| country on open source.
| [...]
| Hansoft, meanwhile, will also be sending speakers to the conference. The
| company is one of Korea's biggest software firms and has active participation
| in various open source projects, including Asianux, a Linux version targeted
| at Asian markets.


Linux in Education: Concepts Not Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| At the grade school level though, we need to teach children not only how to
| use technology, but how to learn to use technology too. If we can offer
| students the use of Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and be versed in Web 2.0,
| handheld computing, and application concepts -- we prepare them to succeed.
| Isn't that what we ultimately want for kids? For them to succeed in whatever
| they do?
| Linux is the PERFECT tool for education. It plays well with other operating
| systems, and offers such a wide variety of applications, that it's silly not
| to expose children to its usage. Oh, and there's also that little thing
| called cost. For many schools, that alone can seal the deal. Linux offers
| more, costs less, and can even fit well with existing tools.


Schools across Japan may switch to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported late last week that the
| Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to introduce
| the open-source operating system Linux for use within classrooms
| across the country in the near future.


FR: Education Ministry encourages Open Source use

,----[ Quote ]
| The department at the French Ministry of Education that is handling
| purchasing of software and software licenses is increasing its Open Source
| offerings to some 1.5 million teachers and education workers in 250
| institutes France.
| [...]
| The discount agreement with Mandriva is valid for the next four years. How
| many of France's postgraduate schools and universities today use GNU/Linux
| distribution Mandriva is not recorded, said Verez.


Russian schools abandon Windows after piracy scare

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft says that the incident has nothing to do with them, but it
| appears that Russian schools in the area are so scared about being shipped
| off to a Siberian Gulag, that they are buying Linux gear instead.
| [..]
| According to Karpushin, schools would start using freely distributed
| software like the Linux OS, Russky office and Open office desktop apps,
| Ekho Moskvi reports.

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