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[News] Why Free Software Makes Sense to Developers

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Why Code For Free? Yet More Linux/FOSS Devs Speak! (part 3)

,----[ Quote ]
| My usual experience is: for the vast majority of people, do it by finding the 
| right company to work for. A lot of companies, from giant to tiny, use and 
| work with free software.  
| They are often happy for you to continue to work with the upstream community 
| as part of your job, which can mean anything from "submit the occasional  
| patch" through to "run the entire OSS project, on their infrastructure." 
| As an example, my present employer uses Perl, and other OSS, heavily, and we 
| regularly work back. Several of our staff are committers on the OSS projects 
| we base our work on, and address bugs on the companies time (and dime).   



An interview with RVM, developer of Smplayer

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week I did a review of the excellent media player for Linux and Windows
| Smplayer. This week the developer behind this great Mplayer front-end granted
| me an email interview:
| TNM: Where did the idea of creating Smplayer come from?
| RVM: I'm a linux user and I have always used mplayer to play videos, and I
| was very happy with it. But sometimes, when I had to use Windows I also
| wanted to use mplayer, but using a command line application on Windows is
| really hard. Also some people asked me to recommend them a video player for
| their Windows machines and I would have liked to recommend mplayer but the
| front-ends available at that moment were very simple (for example I missed
| options to configure the subtitles). It was a little disappointing.
| So it was then when I started to think about the possibility to develop my
| own front-end.

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