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[News] Associated Gangsters (AP) Send Mixed Messages About 'Openness'

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AP Launches Open Source Ascribenation Project

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, a small suggestion to the AP: Get your legal department's 
| footprints off your home page (where the top item is "Protecting AP's 
| Intellectual Property"). In fact, push them to the nether regions of the 
| website. It's not friendly stuff.   



By The AP's Own Logic, The AP Ripped Off Obama

,----[ Quote ]
| I must admit that I tend to disagree with a significant percentage of
| Lichtman's conclusions on intellectual property, but unlike many copyright
| maximalists, I tend to believe he's much more intellectually honest on these
| issues. His positions don't seem to come from a "more is absolutely better
| because it makes me/my clients more money" position, but he honestly tends to
| believe that greater copyright leads to a greater net outcome, and tends to
| argue reasonably about it -- though, I believe some of that reasoning, and
| the assumptions that underpin it are faulty.
| [...]
| No, what's not fair is claiming that any of that is the AP's to own. None of
| it. Not a single part of it was. All of that -- the hope, the way he was
| looking, was simply there. What made him choose it was the look on Obama's
| face -- which is not Garcia's creative output, and thus cannot be covered by
| copyright. In fact, the most frustrating thing of all is that Cendali
| repeatedly claims that Fairey was ripping off Garcia (and the AP), but misses
| the obvious problem with that argument: which is that if her argument is
| correct, then the AP and Garcia also ripped off Obama, since it was his
| creativity in looking the way he did and making the facial expression he did.
| Once again, such externalities are apparently only acceptable when the AP
| benefits. But, Cendali seems to ignore that, and Lichtman lets her get off,
| noting that he basically agrees with her.


Is The BBC An AP Parasite?

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, not long after that, I saw that the BBC appears to have a very
| similar article, and it's quite clear that all they did was rewrite the AP's
| article. At one point, they do credit the AP, but the article is almost a
| direct paraphrase of the AP's. So does the AP start calling the BBC a
| parasite, too? Or does it finally realize that no one owns the news, and lots
| of publications often rewrite the news and have for ages?


Industry study claims strong copyrights fuel economic engine

,----[ Quote ]
| A report released by the International Intellectual Property Alliance shows
| that copyright-related industry has been booming in recent years. But a
| closer examination of the data shows that the numbers don't add up so easily.

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