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[News] System76 GNU/Linux Sub-notebook Reviewed

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Review of the System76 Starling Netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| I wanted a netbook for traveling. I plan to use it primarily for checking 
| e-mail, browsing the Internet, writing documents, listening to music and 
| watching movies. I may also at some point use it as an e-book reader and 
| podcast player.   
| I'm a moderately competent user of computers. I have a little -- but not 
| much -- experience with Linux. 



System76 Serval Professional Notebook

,----[ Quote ]
| Finding a laptop that can run Linux is no longer much of a challenge. As we
| have shared in numerous netbook and notebook reviews, a majority off the
| shelf PCs shipping with Windows can easily be replaced with Linux and chances
| are most -- if not all -- of the components will "just work" on this
| open-source operating system, while ill-supported parts can usually be
| configured to work in just a few steps. For those looking to save time or
| avoid a potential headache, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and other major vendors
| have been offering Linux notebooks for some time now. One of the smaller
| vendors though that has been offering Ubuntu Linux notebooks (along with
| desktops and servers) is System76 Inc. This Colorado-based company not only
| ensures their hardware is 100% compatible with Ubuntu Linux, but they also
| preload some popular software packages that are not installed by default on
| Ubuntu. In this review we are looking at the System76 Serval Professional
| notebook.
| [...]
| If you don't mind paying more for a notebook that ships with Ubuntu and is
| guaranteed to run nicely with Linux -- along with supporting a vendor that is
| centered around the Linux ecosystem -- the System76 Serval Professional is a
| notebook worth considering for your next purchase.


System76 Announces Servers with Ubuntu 7.10 and Canonical Support Services

,----[ Quote ]
| System76 Inc., a leading provider of Ubuntu pre-installed laptops and
| desktops, introduces the first available line of certified, pre-installed
| servers featuring Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition -- delivering a new choice in
| quality server platforms.


ZaReason's MegaLap is a desktop replacement with an Ubuntu twist

,----[ Quote ]
| MegaLap, a notebook computer from ZaReason, a company that builds and sells
| computer systems that run Ubuntu, is bound to give its owner bragging rights
| at any LAN party, especially with how loud the system can get. It has the
| hallmarks of on-the-go computing, while performing comparably to a desktop
| gaming system.    

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