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Re: [News] 26,000 Schools in Brazil Move to GNU/Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Computadores para 26 mil escolas


Wednesday, 04 of March of 2009 - 08:54

ProInfo: goal is to take care of to all the urban public schools up to 2010 (Photo: Bittar João)Approximately ten million pupils of the basic education will be benefited this year with the delivery of 26 a thousand laboratories of computer science. The number represents the expansion of the National Program of Educational Technology (ProInfo), whose goal is to take care of to all the urban public schools up to 2010. The delivery and installation of the equipment are foreseen to start from March.

To all 19 a thousand laboratories of computer science in urban schools will be distributed. For this, the Ministry of the Education invested to R$ 293 million. Each laboratory will be composed for a server multimedia, seven microcomputers, 16 terminals of access, nine stabilizers, a laser printer/led and a roteador wireless (Internet without wire). The supply of a computer for the administration of the schools is foreseen still.

For the agricultural schools, 23,960 million in the acquisition of seven a thousand laboratories had been invested to R$. Each laboratory is composed for a microcomputer and five terminals of access composites for a monitor, a keyboard, one mouse, earphones and an entrance USB, beyond a stabilizer and of a printer.

According to education secretary in the distance, Carlos Eduardo Bielschowsky, with the adoption of multiterminals was possible to diminish the cost of the laboratories and also to guarantee greater durability of the equipment. Each computer will be delivers with two terminals, however it has capacity to connect up to three terminals of access. “It will be itself necessary to make maintenance in a computer, its terminals of access can be transferred to the too much computers. Thus I fix, it of the equipment can be made without the pupils are wronged”, explains.

Beyond being you deliver and installed in the schools, the equipment will have support and guarantee of 36 months. All will have to be compatible with the new version of the operational system Educational Linux 3,0, free software elaborated by the servers of the ministry especially to take care of to the public schools of Brazil, with preselected pedagogical contents.

As to choose the laboratories - the ProInfo is resulted of ample partnership between federal government, states and cities. Being thus, to adhere to the program and to choose the schools that will be benefited by it, it is necessary to follow three stages: to send adhesion term, to effect I register in cadastre and to select schools. Valley to stand out that, this year, the city halls will have to send photos of the schools and the laboratories to be approved.

It reads step by step of all the process of adhesion to the program.

Renata Chamarelli

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