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[News] [Rival] On The Microsoft Movement and Free Software Hating

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The Free Software Movement and Microsoft Hating

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, Richard M. Stallman, the founder of the free software movement, 
| expressed some genuine concerns regarding the use of C# to create programs 
| and the use of Mono as free implementation of the .Net framework. Then, 
| something interesting happened. Many people in the open source group were 
| upset at him! Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, made a 
| reference to “Microsoft hating” and linked it to the free software movement.     
| Excuse me???? Is Microsoft hatred identified with the “free software” 
| community? Hmmm… Well, in that case I wonder if the following quote was made 
| by someone in the free software or in the open source community when he wrote 
| this letter to Microsoft:   
| [...]
| Microsoft is not “evil” ethically speaking, it is just a corporation. 
| However, Microsoft is not a friend of the free software and the open source 
| movements. It has declared itself an enemy of the GNU/Linux operative system 
| a number of times, and it has determined publicly and privately its 
| erradication from the market. Remember the Halloween documents? These are 
| memos that circulated within Microsoft which revealed several strategies to 
| drive GNU/Linux out of the market, many of which include deceiving the 
| public. These documents have been recognized by Microsoft as being authentic. 
| Don’t we remember Bill Gates saying that the GNU GPL was a plague and that 
| the open source community was a bunch of communists? Or don’t we remember 
| that just recently Gates purposely misled people saying that the GPL prevents  
| people from improving software? Don’t we remember the bogus suit by Microsoft 
| against Lindows over trademark rights because Microsoft thought that it was 
| the owner of the “indows” part of the name? Don’t we remember the repeated 
| threats made by Microsoft against companies that distributed GNU/Linux with 
| patent suits? And hasn’t the Software Freedom Law Center reported just a few 
| days ago that Microsoft still continues to shake companies with patent 
| threats?                



Purists and Pragmatists and Zealots, Oh My!

,----[ Quote ]
| I didn’t make it to OSCON this year (thanks for everyone who voted for us for
| the CCA, by the way, even though we lost out again to Firebird) and I am
| quietly thankful for it, because it seems like the conference kicked off a
| new round of hyperbole and hypocrisy from the fauxpen source crowd and I’m
| going to try to stay out of it (instead of any kind of rational discussion,
| this round seems even more full of ad hominem attacks).

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