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[News] MAFIAA's Revenue is Up, But It is Suing and Whining Nonetheless

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UK Music Industry’s Own Economist Says Revenue Up 4.7%!

,----[ Quote ]
| Consumers spent less on recorded music, down 6% since 2007, but concert 
| ticket sales have grown by some 13% as the industry as whole slowly evolves 
| and adapts to digital distribution.  


RIAA File Sharing Trial Begins — Update

,----[ Quote ]
| The RIAA has issued about 30,000 lawsuits during its nearly 6-year-old 
| litigation campaign against file sharers. Most have settled out of court for 
| a few thousand dollars. The record labels have said they are ending the 
| campaign, and are now working with ISPs in a bid to disconnect repeat music 
| file sharers.    


Pirate Bay co-founder denies MPAA allegations

,----[ Quote ]
| Also in the filing, the MPAA asserts that Reservella is just a front. 
| Reservella is the company based in Seychelles, an island nation northeast of  
| Madagascar, that The Pirate Bay founders say owns the site. The studios 
| maintain Reservella is controlled by Neij, but Kolmisoppi denied this.  


Hollywood demands shuttering of Pirate Bay



Nesson responds to OSC re taping; claims labels seek to 'distract and sap the
energy...of those they oppose'

,----[ Quote ]
| Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson today responded to Judge Nancy
| Gertner's Order to Show Cause regarding his practice of taping opposing
| counsel and posting the results to the Internet with a "declaration" denying
| all wrongdoing and accusing the plaintiffs in the Joel Tenenbaum case of
| seeking to "distract and sap the energy, and resources and reputations of
| those they oppose."


Harvard Prof Calls RIAA Lawsuits “Unconstitutional Abuse of Law”

,----[ Quote ]
| Charles Nesson writes an op-ed piece explaining why RIAA lawsuits targeting
| file-sharers is an abuse of the legal process, and that the real problem is
| the tension between “our antiquated copyright laws and the social reality
| of ‘digital natives,’” those that have grown up immersed in a digital world.

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