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[News] Linux Foundation LDN on Free Software Headway in Healthcare

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Open Source as a Healthcare Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's an example: when OpenVista is deployed in a mid-sized hospital like 
| Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, TX, the customer saved about $6 million 
| in licensing fees they would have paid a proprietary software firm. 
| (Medsphere uses a subscription-based pricing model.) But the real savings, 
| Jung explained, comes in the prevention or lessening of complications that 
| deviate from best-case scenarios.     



Open source to power Connecticut HIE

,----[ Quote ]
| Hartford Healthcare, which provides rehabilitation, long term care, and
| hospice facilities in central Connecticut, said today it will combine Misys’
| open source connectivity technology with Allscripts EHR systems, a health
| record built on software as a service, to create Transforming Healthcare In
| Connecticut Communities (THICC), a regional system linking hospitals, clinics
| and facilities statewide.


Carpenter Builds Open Source Imaging Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Anne Carpenter trained as a traditional cell biologist specializing in
| microscopy with no intention of writing image analysis software. “It wasn’t
| until I needed software to do something that existing commercial software
| couldn’t do that I became interested in writing software myself,” says
| Carpenter. The genesis of CellProfiler was “completely out of necessity.”
| [...]
| The software Carpenter built—CellProfiler—made its free open source debut in
| December 2005, and was detailed in Genome Biology in 2006. In January 2007,
| Jones and Carpenter established the Imaging Platform group at the Broad
| Institute, focusing on new algorithms and data analysis methods. From here,
| Carpenter can help dozens of researchers working on clinically relevant
| projects. “Everything we develop becomes open source, and the easiest way to
| get that out to the public is to put it into the CellProfiler interface.”


Open Source Meets Health Care

,----[ Quote ]
| Changing from paper charts to electronic medical records sounds like a
| relatively easy sales pitch. It improves patient care, decreases the risk of
| error and adds enormous efficiency into the system.
| [...]
| We're using Hewlett-Packard servers, Red Hat Linux, the InterSystems Cache
| database management system, which is the only proprietary component in the
| stack. On top of that runs OpenVista.

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