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[News] World’s Smallest Desktop PC Runs GNU/Linux, Reviewed

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Fit-PC2 review: The world’s smallest desktop PC

,----[ Quote ]
| My review unit was a ‘fit-PC2 Linux’ with the following specs. It retails for 
| $359 when ordered directly from CompuLab. 



World’s Smallest Computer Runs on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| If you had been wondering what would the future of computers be, the answer
| seems to lie in their sizes. The future PCs would be smaller, more economical
| and of course very efficient. With that in mind, CompuLab’s Fit PS2 is
| already being touted as the world’s smallest PC.


Omatek Unveils World’s Smallest Desktop PC

,----[ Quote ]
| The global technological stage received a boost yesterday in Lagos with the
| launch of Omatek handtop Personal Computer (PC).
| Disclosing that it is the world's smallest PC, the Group Managing Director of
| Omatek Computers Limited, Engr. Mrs. Florence Seriki, said it was in
| continuation of the company's trail blazing efforts on the global
| technological stage.


Linutop 2 - Linux PC review

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linutop 2 is one of the smallest PCs on the planet. We examine its
| potential as a cheap client system.
| If you’re looking for an exceptionally compact and frugal client PC, or even
| a low-power server for very light duties, the Linutop2 is an interesting
| prospect.
| It measure a tiny 140 x 140 x 35mm and it’s completely solid-state with no
| moving parts at all. It’s so small, in fact, that Linutop recommends mounting
| it on the back of a monitor, and it sells a bracket at €38 for the very
| purpose. The unit itself is also sold in packs of six at €1,560.

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