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[News] GNU/Linux Games in Review

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World Of Goo is a must have for Puzzle Lovers

,----[ Quot ]
| World of Goo is a puzzle game with a highly efficient physics engine. It has 
| won many accolades from across the world since its release. It was initially 
| available for Wii, Windows and Mac, but lately, its available for Linux as 
| well.   
| When i first tried this cute little game in my ubuntu machine, i was amazed 
| by its slickness and the fun factor. Though i never bought the original 
| version(i am not much into gaming), i really liked the demo version. This is 
| indeed a must have for Puzzle lovers.   


Aisleriot - Solitaire on Steroids

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite all the people who claim to be productive at work, or those who claim 
| to be more than a casual gamer, there is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of 
| people out there who are either casual gamers, or they love to play various 
| solitaire card games on the computer.   
| Of all the program types in use on all the OS's of the world, computer 
| solitaire, regardless of its flavor, is the single most installed type of 
| program of all since computers began.  Not even the web browser can match the 
| total number of computers that have either shipped with, or somehow acquired 
| a solitaire game.  Every copy of Windows, since 3.0 has had a copy of 
| solitaire in it, and even before then you could get solitaire games on Dos 
| and Unix systems.      
| But if computer solitaire is so ubiquitous, what sets one apart from the 
| other?  Well, three things I'd say: The game(s) offered, program stability, 
| and ease of use.  But what if you're using Linux?  Of all the OS's out there, 
| Linux is the one with the least number of solitaire games on it.  That's not 
| to say that it has the least games, because there are dozens of other games 
| to fill the void, but solitaire is not one of them.  Normally anyways.     



0 A.D. Game Goes Open-Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Wildfire Games has decided to switch their development model for their
| real-time strategy title, 0 A.D., from closed-source to open-source. This 3D
| real-time strategy game is now having its code licensed under the GNU GPLv2
| and the game content is going under the Creative Commons Attribute-Share
| Alike license.


Rigs of Rods goes Open Source and Glest 3.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Rigs of Rods is going open source. How cool is that?


Myst Online goes fully open-source

,----[ Quote ]
| In a startling move, Cyan Worlds has decided to release all of URU Live's
| assets to the public as open source. This includes the client and server
| architecture. Amazingly, they aren't simply releasing it into the wild and
| leaving it alone; Cyan has decided to hold one Myst Online server shard open
| for players to have a centralized world, despite the fact that others can now
| freely put up their own Myst Online servers.


Cyan makes it official: "Myst" now in the hands of its fans

,----[ Quote ]
| So, Cyan has decided to give make MystOnline available to the fans by
| releasing the source code for the servers, client and tools for MystOnline as
| an open source project. We will also host a data server with the data for
| MystOnline. MORE is still possible but only with the help from fans.


Mobile Game-Based Learning project goes open-source

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, the mGBL project has now been made available as open-source under the
| European Public Licence, and can be downloaded from the SourceForge website.

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