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[News] More Shadow Cast on the Intellectual Monopolies Scam

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Microsoft Wave has ups and downs

,----[ Quote ]
| After much thought, I remain baffled. Technically, it's otiose: you can 
| trademark logos and names, but copyright is automatic in new work, as we 
| should all know in these days of heightened IP awareness. Trademarking makes 
| sense, as it does give you additional, powerful legal safeguards, but 
| Microsoft Wave hasn't been trademarked in the UK. The only thing the 
| copyright symbol can refer to is the logo itself - but why bother? The 
| behemoth doth protest too much. It's almost as if it's nervous that it might, 
| after all, be infringing on someone else's IP, and feels the need for some 
| magic amulet to ward off evil.        
| The effect on us hyper-sensitive watchers of intellectual property is quite 
| different: it's a bit like getting a manuscript from a wannabe writer which 
| has (C) FRED BLOGGS and a paragraph of legalese as a footnote on every page - 
| somebody who hasn't quite got it.   


AP: “We’re Done” Answering Questions About Fair Use & Our Rights System

,----[ Quote ]
| Still confused about the Associated Press’s announcement last week about a 
| new content tagging system that’s supposed to provide rights information? I 
| am — but the AP’s apparently not talking to anyone further about it.  
| “For the moment, we’re done,” said AP spokesperson Paul Colford. “We’ve 
| spoken to innumerable people,” he said, and now the AP is going to “leave the 
| phone at rest” and “tend to our knitting” to “refine and improve” things.  



Don't Sue Me, Bro... Taser Drops Suit Against Second Life

,----[ Quote ]
| TASER International has - at least for now - dropped a trademark infringement
| suit against Linden Lab, which operates Second Life.


Trademark Insanity

,----[ Quote ]
| It's bad enough that we have to deal with struggles over the use of
| trademarks that have become generic terms, like "Xerox" and "Coke", and
| trademarks that were already generic terms among specialists, such
| as "Windows", but a new low in trademarking has been reached by the joint
| efforts of Dell and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cyndy Aleo-Carreira
| reports that Dell has applied for a trademark on the term "cloud computing".
| The opposition period has already passed and a notice of allowance has been
| issued. That means that it is very likely that the application will soon
| receive final approval.
| [...]
| In other words, this is a pure example of theft from the public domain.
| Speakers of English have a term, "cloud computing", which the US government
| is on the verge of privatizing and assigning exclusively to Dell. Other
| companies providing similar services will not be able to describe what they
| are doing as "cloud computing" anymore than Nike will be able to describe its
| shoes as Reeboks.

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