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[News] The FSF Recruits Young Men to Spread Free(dom) Software

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GNU Generation: Calling all pre-university students

,----[ Quote ]
| GNU Generation is a new project sponsored by the Free Software Foundation to 
| involve high school age pre-university students (approximately ages 13-18) in 
| free software.  
| [...]
| Both programming and non-programming projects are available, and several 
| projects can accommodate many different skill levels, so this is an ideal 
| opportunity for new users of GNU/Linux to get involved.  



Introducing RDF for GNU Licenses

,----[ Quote ]
| For the past few months, the Compliance Lab has been working with Creative
| Commons on a new project, and it's just been released. I'm happy to announce
| that Resource Description Framework (RDF) metadata now accompanies all of the
| GNU licenses.


The smallest unit of freedom: a Fellow

,----[ Quote ]
| Stian Rødven Eide: Your involvement with GNU/Linux started while you were
| active in the demoscene, which was rather huge in Finland during the
| nineties. Were you already familiar with the philosophy of Free Software at
| that time? Was the culture of studying, sharing and improving each other’s
| code relevant to the demoscene?
| Timo Jyrinki: I don’t think I was really familiar with the Free Software
| philosophy at all at that time, and not even for some time after starting to
| use GNU/Linux. The demoscene did have an atmosphere of improving on other’s
| ideas, but actually seeing code was mostly totally out of the question,
| except for maybe some snippets. My real introduction to Free Software came
| from my involvement with Wikipedia.


FSFE submission to European Patent Office

,----[ Quote ]
| Our vision is for the European Information and Communication Technologies
| (ICT) industry become the most vibrant in the world - and the European
| Parliament shared this vision, when it made the necessary amendments to the
| directive on computer-implemented inventions during its first reading on 24
| September 2003.


FTF releases legal infrastructure guide for Free Software projects

,----[ Quote ]
| FSFE's Freedom Task Force (FTF) is pleased to announce the release of a guide
| to assist with establishing legal infrastructure for Free Software projects.

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