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[News] A Cursory Look at the Latest Knoppix GNU/Linux

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Knoppix - First glance 

,----[ Quote ]
| I've only had it installed for about a half hour now, but it's pretty snappy 
| on my old system and even has some good Compiz effects running. I also like 
| that Iceweasle is the default browser.   



The Reason Why I Loved Knoppix More Than Windows!

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been a Windows user since fourteen years ago, where the Window 95 was my
| first computer operating system. Honestly, I was overexcited, as I owned my
| first computer for the first time in life! I spent over 6 hours daily to
| learn how to use the computer. Well, in less than three days, I’ve mastered
| all the basic skills of the computer, including the Windows operating system
| as well!
| Time flies by, and the Microsoft Windows have been rapidly changed in the
| past fourteen years. Honestly, I tried every Windows version, from the
| Windows 1.01 to the latest Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Frankly,
| Window Vista is the most terrible that ever released in all the Window
| versions! I’ve encountered many difficulties and I really losing my temper on
| this version.


Knoppix - Linux 6.0 review

,----[ Quote ]
| A very well thought through distro that's just the kind of OS you want at
| hand when problems arise. There's a lot more to than simple recovery tools,
| too, and it's a useful disc to have around when you just want to get some
| work done without fuss or hassle.


5 Minutes of Knoppix 6.0.1


Knoppix: live CD par excellence

,----[ Quote ]
| Knoppix is another classic example of the innovation that can come about when
| good code is avaiable under user-friendly licences like the GPL.


Knoppix 6.0 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Knoppix 6.0 has now been released with several new features and updates. The
| last update to Knoppix was in March of 2008 with version 5.3.1. Knoppix is a
| bootable CD distribution of Linux that incorperates automatic hardware
| detection. The CD can be used to demo Linux, as an educational CD, a rescue
| system, etc. It uses on-the-fly decompression so it can have up to 2 GB of
| data and software installed on it.


Knoppix 5.3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| At the recent CeBIT computer fair, Klaus Knopper finally released a new
| version of his popular Knoppix live-CD/DVD variety of GNU/Linux. The initial
| version was fine for the CeBIT crowd but had some problems, the most obvious
| of which was a mixture of languages in menus if you booted with the
| parameter "lang=" (by the way, it is now "lang=us" rather than "lang=en";
| this will take getting used to after many years of using "lang=en".)    


First Look: KNOPPIX 5.3.0 - At CeBIT 2008!

,----[ Quote ]
| Knoppix 5.3, after pausing for a year, was presented at CeBIT, in Hannover,
| Germany. Our colleagues were there, and got the DVD live-edition that's
| available with the German c't magazine during the event. The Open Source
| Audio-Desktop ADRIANE – which is a part of the live distro – was presented by
| Adriane and Klaus Knopper at CeBIT.



Who needs Windows Vista when you can have Knoppix 5.1.1 Live DVD?

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, in the first place there is no comparison between the two.
| In fact, there can't be any. Why? Simply because, Windows Vista
| is plain Operating system, with very little bundled apps. Whereas,
| Knoppix is complete Operating System bundled with hundreds of
| software that ranges from games to office!
| When you install Windows Vista (it requires whopping 6.7GB hard
| disk space at a bare minimum!), what you will get is - much hyped
| 3D aqua Desktop, a so-called secure operating system that bugs you
| to hell - by asking for every stupid task to Continue. In addition
| to that, It had about a dozen utilities such as paint, notepad,
| wordpad and a few games.


Free Operating System For Blind: Adriane Knoppix

,----[ Quote ]
| Klaus and Adriane Knopper are working on an operating system for the
| blind, and as compared to other solutions available, this one is
| absolutely free!

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