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[News] GNU/Linux-only Shops Reap the Benefit of Overwhelming Demand

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Linux netbook distributor having trouble keeping up with demand

,----[ Quote ]
| System76 sells laptop and desktop computers preloaded with Ubuntu Linux. The 
| company’s Starling Netbook was one of the first Intel Atom powered  
| mini-laptops to ship with Ubuntu 9.04. And apparently demand for the netbook 
| has been so high that the company is having trouble keeping the netbook in 
| stock.   



ZaReason Preparing Ubuntu Server, Netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| ZaReason is preparing to expand its portfolio of Ubuntu systems — including a
| new server and netbook, according to CEO Cathy Malmrose. But that’s not all.
| US-based ZaReason also continues its push deeper into the European computer
| market.


ZaReason Readies Ubuntu 9.04 PCs, Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| On the server front, ZaReason launched its first rack-mount Ubuntu servers in
| March, and Malmrose says ZaReason will be growing that product line
| throughout 2009. Also, customers are using ZaReason’s UntangleBox as a
| server, notes Malmrose.


ZaReason: An Amazing Attack of Linux Cluefulness

,----[ Quote ]
| Genuine cluefulness in any business is a rare pleasure, and that is why I
| like ZaReason so much. ZaReason sells Linux boxes: desktop, server, netbook,
| and pretty much whatever you want, just ask. I first "met" Cathy Malmrose,
| the CEO of ZaReason, on the Linuxchix mailing lists, but her business didn't
| really grab my attention until I heard about their Ubuntu keyboard.



ZaReason's MegaLap is a desktop replacement with an Ubuntu twist

,----[ Quote ]
| MegaLap, a notebook computer from ZaReason, a company that builds and sells
| computer systems that run Ubuntu, is bound to give its owner bragging rights
| at any LAN party, especially with how loud the system can get. It has the
| hallmarks of on-the-go computing, while performing comparably to a desktop
| gaming system.


Review: ZaReason Makes Desktop Linux A Breeze

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bottom Line: If you need a basic, low-end PC without the hassles and
| security concerns tied to Windows, ZaReason’s Breeze is a breathe of fresh
| air.

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