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[News] Everything Linux Lives on

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Babel Com buys Everything Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Babel will re-establish a retail presence for Everything Linux on Sydney's 
| north shore, and will enlarge its mail order business, which focuses entirely 
| on Linux products. The value of the transaction was not disclosed.  


Last Chance to Help a Child Get a Good Linux Computer

,----[ Quote ]
| Ok so it's not your last chance ever, but it is your last chance to support 
| Linux Against Poverty's Austin install fest. This coming Saturday, August 1 
| 2009, in lovely Austin, Texas, USA.   



Linux Against Poverty Installfest - August 1st

,----[ Quote ]
| What's even better than recycling your old computer? Donate it to a good
| cause!


the home desktop, the the work station and the school desktop, oh my!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux home desktop. This is the coveted property that untold numbers go
| home to play video and music on. Create home made birthday cards and print
| their digital photos from.
| [...]
| So, start the schools using OpenSource software and Linux. The students will
| be trained and proficient on it. Workplaces will buy into it to accommodate
| to meet the capabilities and experience of the incoming generations of
| skilled new workers.


Linux Against Poverty - It is a GO

,----[ Quote ]
| Quoting Helen Keller in a Linux blog may seem strange, but there are many
| parallels between this magnificent woman and Free Software/Linux. We both
| started way behind the competition with handicaps and hindrances that made it
| almost laughable that we would compete.
| First they Ignore you
| Then they laugh at you
| Then they fight you
| Then you win...
| Of course you can only win if you compete.
| Common sense. And not being afraid.


Linux Against Poverty: The Update.

,----[ Quote ]
| The date is approaching, and we’re ready to kick Linux Against Poverty into
| high gear.
| For our friends in other cities, we’ve made a few changes. The initial Linux
| Against Poverty event will be in Austin only.



How to Save the Amazon Forest by Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Sharing this kind of info (a) costs *nothing* to the governments concerned
| and (b) could give this important project a big boost.


How Linux Can Help Reduce Poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| Poverty is a global problem, which is not limited to third world developing
| countries. Even mature developed nations like United States has ~18% poverty
| rate. There are many reasons and causes of poverty, which includes but not
| limited to, natural disasters, war, disease, politics, religion, and
| over-population and so on and so forth. Some of these causes are beyond our
| control while others are beyond our means. There is no single factor that can
| totally eliminate poverty, even the almighty latest Linux Kernel release; but
| many ideas and anti-poverty initiative can come together to reduce the causes
| of poverty.

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