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[News] Free Software Office Suites on the Desktop and the 'Cloud'

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Openoffice.org- The rise and rise of Open Source.

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org 3 is developed using an open-software, "no secrets" approach. 
| Anyone can look at the programs and suggest improvements, or fix bugs. Anyone 
| can report problems or request enhancements, and anyone can see the response 
| from other users or developers. The status of current and future releases is 
| displayed on a public wiki, so you can decide if and when you want to upgrade 
| to take advantage of new features. Anyone used to commercial software and its 
| hyping and marketing speak will find OpenOffice.org 3 refreshingly different. 
| Enjoy the benefits of open-source!       


OpenGoo: An Open Source Answer To Google Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| What's not to like about Google Apps? It has a ton of features, it's 
| incredibly easy to collaborate with other people, and it's free. Well, how 
| about the fact that your data is only as accessible as Google decides to make 
| it? If you're looking for the usefulness of a Web-based collection of office 
| apps but want complete control over your data, OpenGoo might be just the 
| answer you're looking for.     



OpenGoo delivers the best of CRM and project management

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenGoo is a useful app for organizations that lay emphasis on document
| distribution and version control. Its developers don't consider it quite
| ready for real-world deployment, but the app still impresses with its useful
| CRM and project management functions. Any organization looking to cut down IT
| costs or grappling with document distribution ought to give OpenGoo a look.


OpenGoo: A Free, Open Source Productivity Suite

,----[ Quote ]
| It has a nicer interface than it did before, and delivers
| word processing, document management, contact management,
| e-mail, project management, and time management
| applications.

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